San Diego State Enlists Fox Sports to Manage Multimedia Rights and Sponsorship Sales

Fox-owned Home Team Sports will provide oversight and management

San Diego State University’s Athletic Department has signed a partnership agreement with FOX Sports to exclusively manage its multimedia rights and sponsorship sales.

2-2-17_sdsu_fox_sports_589xThe rights managed by FOX Sports College Properties, a division of FOX-owned Home Team Sports, will include athletics-related radio, corporate hospitality, in-venue signage, social media integration, promotional activities, and intellectual property rights, as well as other mutually agreed upon inventory.

“We are very excited to be associated with the FOX Sports brand and all that comes with partnering with a leader in collegiate athletics,” SDSU Director of Athletics John David Wicker said. “San Diego State is a brand that is on the rise nationally and the relationship with FOX Sports is further proof of that. Being able to align our brand with not only FOX Sports, but schools like Auburn, USC, Georgetown and others that are part of the FOX Family, will only enhance San Diego State athletics.

“Partnering with FOX Sports allows SDSU to create synergies with FOX Sports San Diego and the FOX Sports headquarters in Los Angeles that haven’t been available to us before. I’m excited by the new opportunities to grow our national brand by leveraging these new assets that FOX will bring to the table.”

“San Diego State is a great addition to FOX Sports’ elite portfolio of multimedia partnerships,” Home Team Sports President Kyle Sherman said. “We look forward to broadening the San Diego State brand, continuing its connection with the San Diego community, and acting on the shared vision of what we will build together.”

FOX Sports also brings a unique academic component to the partnership through FOX Sports University, which collaborates with students to find solutions to real world marketing and business challenges, giving them valuable experience and a head start when entering the job market.

SDSU is the latest addition to a select group of universities in FOX Sports’ multimedia rights portfolio, including Auburn, Michigan State, Georgetown, Southern California, Villanova and the BIG EAST Conference.

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