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SVG Sports Graphics Forum: Inside ESPN’s Creative Process for the 2016 MNF Open

When ESPN’s Creative Services team was tasked with creating a new open for Monday Night Football less than three months before the kickoff of the 2016 NFL season, Spike Szykowny and his team snapped into action. In the whirlwind months that followed, the senior director of motion graphics and his crew conceptualized and produced a […]  More

What the H? Did Pittsburg Give Us Our First Letter? By Mark Schubin

In 1957, a plaque commemorating “Hollywood’s Golden Jubilee” was dedicated by the mayor of Los Angeles, but everything about it was wrong.  Was Hollywood actually born in Pennsylvania?  Sixty years after the ceremony Mark Schubin tries to uncover the truth. And, no, Pittsburg, the one in Pennsylvania, is not spelled incorrectly above or here.  Find […]  More