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Portland Trail Blazers Put Networked Audio Through the Hoops

Although the focus has been on the migration of sports-television broadcasts to IP, sports radio, in many cases, is already there, tapping its foot and wondering what’s taking TV so long. About five years ago, the NBA eliminated the dedicated ISDN T1 lines it had used for more than a decade to interconnect the audio […]  More

Tech Focus: Networked Audio, Part 2 —Where Live Sound Is Now

Live sound in the venue is undergoing the same tectonic transition that broadcast audio is experiencing: the migration from analog and digital point-to-point transmission to being fully hosted on IP-based networks. Venue sound systems have inherent limitations when it comes to this paradigm shift — signals generally go back to analog for their “last mile,” […]  More

Tech Focus: Networked Audio, Part 1 — Where Broadcast Sound Is Now

Broadcast-audio veterans will recall the tectonic shift that was the migration from analog to digital, a move that spanned the better part of three decades, from various PCM formats on tape to the complete virtualization of audio on hard drives. By comparison, the shift to IP-based signal transport has been incredibly rapid, taking less than […]  More

ESPN Takes Close-Up Sound Weekly for Sunday Night Baseball

Baseball has used novel effects-microphone placements in the past two years for special games, such as All Star Games and postseason play. That use — with microphones installed at the perimeter of the infield, on bases, and on players and managers — has turned a corner this season. ESPN is now deploying that type of […]  More

NHRA Takes the Racing Lead With Dolby Atmos

A typical NASCAR racer brings about 400 horsepower to the track. A typical NHRA top-fuel dragster comes in at about 11,000 horsepower. The differential in their sonic impact is just about vast as well. “When you stand next to one of them at the start line at a track, the sound just goes through you,” […]  More

Tech Focus: Venue Sound, Part 2 — A Thriving Market Poses Challenges for System Suppliers

The audio in sports venues has become a more important market for sound-system manufacturers in recent years. It’s certainly more lucrative: as the overall costs of arenas and stadiums spiral upwards, so does the percentage of capital costs allotted for sound and video. However, this burgeoning market does not come without challenges.  More