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Craig Sager

For more than two decades, Craig Sager’s loud suits and genial demeanor have become staples of the NBA on TNT. As Turner Sports’ NBA sideline reporter for 26 years, he has endeared himself to players, coaches, and fans alike with his easy rapport and insatiable energy — all while keeping viewers informed about the happenings [...]

Verne Lundquist

“Yes, sir!” “There’s the pass to Laettner. Puts it up. Yes!” “In your life, have you seen anything like that?” “By George, the dream is alive.” “An answered prayer!” Few, if any, broadcasters have found themselves calling as many iconic sports moments as Verne Lundquist. His minimalist, sincere phrasing has punctuated some of the most [...]

Tim McCarver

Tim McCarver has a knack for seeing what’s coming. Like a champion chess player, his knowledge of the game he loved is so comprehensive that he typically can see four, five moves ahead of anyone else in the ballpark. Nowhere was this more evident than in one of the most dramatic games in modern baseball [...]

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts truly is one of a kind. Not only did she achieve the rare feat of finding as much — if not more — success in her second act as she did in her first, but she has navigated her Hall of Fame career with grace, courage, resilience, and the kind of effortless warmth, [...]

Dick Button

There is perhaps no athlete more entwined in the legacy of his sport — and more responsible for its popularity and success — than Dick Button. To track the history of figure skating over the past three-quarters of a century is to follow the career trajectory of Button, from two-time Olympic gold medalist in 1948 [...]

Marv Albert

In the late 1940s on the concrete courts of Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, a band of young boys — like many young boys of the era — fell in love with basketball. Three-on-three pick-up games rolled on through the afternoon and into dusk until it became too hard to see the ball. Amidst the sound of [...]

Chris Schenkel

When it comes to broadcast versatility, few — if any — can match Chris Schenkel. A television stalwart for more than 40 years, he called football, basketball, golf, horseracing, boxing, bowling, and much more. And he did it while earning a reputation as one of the nicest guys in the business. “Chris was an unbelievable [...]

Al Michaels

Many artists spend most of their careers attempting to distance themselves from their most famous work. An actor will desperately fight being typecast by his or her defining role. A band that makes it big with a major hit single will try to reinvent its sound. It’s a strange phenomenon, this seemingly universal fear of [...]

Jack Whitaker

Sportscaster Jack Whitaker is a fine example of why they call them the “good old days,” when a few gifted fellows with bulky microphones and graying hair spoke of the majesty of sport and the grandeur of grand old games and when being “slick” could never be considered a compliment. Whitaker’s television style, as it [...]

Frank Gifford

This may come as a shock to New Yorkers, but Frank Gifford, beloved Hall of Famer and long time play-by-play star of ABC’s Monday Night Football, never particularly wanted to play for the Giants, and he really wasn’t all that excited about playing pro football. For a while, he wanted to be an actor, and the [...]