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Chet Forte

Chet Forte first captivated audiences on the court as a college basketball star and, throughout a three-decade career as producer/director, never let them go. In 25 years at ABC Sports, the tenacious Forte told stories through the events he covered, upending established norms for camera angles and graphics usage and, on his trademark Monday Night [...]

Chuck Howard

During three decades of ABC Sports’ broadcast dominance, the nation’s sports heavyweight had a go-to producer for many of its most important events: Chuck Howard. Between 1960 and 1986, Howard lent his skills to nearly every ABC Sports event, from Olympic skiing and the Kentucky Derby to the Super Bowl and World Series. A sports [...]

Geoffrey Mason

With a life-long affinity for startups and fixer-uppers, Geoffrey Mason has been involved with the launch or re-launch of dozens of networks, productions, and individual careers. One of sports television’s most accomplished executives, he has more than 40 years of domestic and international production experience, including seven Olympic Games, six World Cups, and multiple America’s [...]