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Aspera celebrates largest-ever IBC presence with SAAS, live-streaming solutions

September 14th, 2015 By SVG Staff

For Aspera, an IBM company and creator of technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed, IBC2015 marks the company’s biggest ever presence at the show in the company’s 10-year history.

From its booth #7.B27, Aspera is showcasing its complete portfolio of high-speed file transfer software and automation solutions for the broadcast and media industries, and highlighting how media technology companies and cloud service providers are continuing to directly integrate the Aspera FASP software platform.

Aspera’s booth features partner demonstrations from media technology companies and cloud service providers that have directly integrated the Aspera FASP high-speed transfer platform into their solutions for digital asset management, content distribution, media management, and media processing to achieve fast, distance-neutral transfer of digital media content. These include Akamai, Encoding.com, Media Netwerk, MediaSilo, root 6, and Scality.

Additionally, Aspera will showcase its complete portfolio of high-speed file transfer software, including its new FASPStream transport technology for live and near-live data streaming. FASPStream expands the capability of the patented FASP high-speed transfer technology to provide a fully reliable streaming protocol for in-order data delivery over Internet WANs with excellent quality and negligible start-up delay.

Broadway Video COO of Post Production and Director of Information Technology & Digital comments:  “Aspera is a key enabler of our digital delivery strategy, and we are excited to expand our use with new capabilities of over-Internet live video using Aspera’s new FASPStream.”

Other key product highlights on display include:

Launch of the next generation FASP 3.6 platform and Direct-to-Cloud Storage transfer capability designed for secure multitenant, clustered deployments with elastic automatic scaling of transfer capacity and supporting all major cloud storage platforms. The platform moves even the largest (4K) media formats from source directly to object storage destination with native I/O for SoftLayer Swift, AWS S3, Azure BloB, Akamai NetStorage, Limelight, and others at line speed with support for server-side encryption at rest in addition to client side and over the wire. New cluster management, multitenant access key and API features allow media customers to combine cloud storage and high speed transport at unlimited scale, with complete security and cost efficiency across multiple users and applications. All Aspera client and file sharing products including Faspex and Shares and the new Aspera SaaS offering, Aspera Files, interoperate with the new clustered capabilities.

New Management and Automation of Transfer and Synchronization – The launch of the ascp4 binary for ultra-fast transfer of large numbers of small files, the new Aspera Watchfolder, and Aspera Sync enable media organizations to compute fast synchronization updates, ensure essence and metadata transfer together and in preferred order, transfer growing files, and synchronize, watch and move “huge” file systems. Console 3.0 manages transfer failover and load balancing and expands email notification, tagging, searching and reporting to provide flexibility, ease and scale as digital file transfer explodes.

Advances in Aspera Faspex, Connect, Cargo, Drive, and a new Virtual Catcher add-on allow for interactive and automated distribution of media content over low cost, high speed Internet from cloud and on premise Aspera servers to receivers globally replacing expensive legacy satellite distribution systems. An enhanced Faspex API overlay allows for distributed routing of packages, automatic release date management, and easy RESTful integration in other workflows.

Aspera Orchestrator – The new release of Aspera’s web-based workflow automation platform, Orchestrator 2.3, has undergone major optimizations across the core system engine to improve performance within high concurrency environments, with performance boosts in some cases as high as 10x previous versions. The release also adds native installers and a number of usability improvements for large and multi-tenant environments. New plug-ins have been added to the library of over 100 third-party applications that can be invoked within an Aspera Orchestrator workflow. New inline file validation capabilities added to Aspera server and client software verify incoming media and metadata formats against ADI and DPP standards in the most innovative broadcast, file-based VoD distribution and post-production workflows.