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Multidyne FiberNet brings new flexibility to fiber connectivity

September 14th, 2015 By Ken Kerschbaumer

Multidyne’s FiberNet system is one of a handful of the company’s innovations designed to bring a new level of flexibility to fiber-optic networks. The system can connect multiple fiber nodes via patented technology designed to exploit Multidyne’s ability to network full-bandwidth, uncompressed video nodes.

“Through a mission control, a user can drop a signal anywhere on the network,” says Multidyne President Frank Jachetta. “It offers the freedom of a full, uncompressed IT network that can manage point-to-point fiber connections. And then, there is management of the wavelengths within those fibers that allows for massive capacity for hundreds of channels.”

He adds that a key feature is that the control system can stand on its own or, thanks to compatibility with other systems, turn control of the network to systems from such manufacturers as ProBel, Evertz, and Grass Valley.

“It’s not married to Multidyne,” he points out.

The system can also be coupled with Multidyne’s “universal” Hybrid Universal Transceiver (HUT), which is half the size of a traditional HUT system and works with the majority of SMPTE HD and 4K cameras on the market today. Providing a number of ROI benefits, this new transceiver allows rental houses and users of different cameras to use the same MultiDyne HUT system for any project. Previously, users had to pick a dedicated MultiDyne system for the specific camera they were using.