Veterans in Production (VIP)

The Sports Video Group has launched an initiative that will help veterans of the American military more easily begin a career in sports broadcast and production. Known as SVG Veterans in Production (VIP), the group has already gained the support of NBA Entertainment, Major League Baseball, Fox Sports and HBO.

There are many success stories regarding sports broadcasters and production companies hiring veterans, including MLB Network’s hiring of Mike Gallardo, a former Cav Scout who served in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division, as a freelance member of its graphics department. Since joining MLB Network, he has become an integral member of the network’s graphics team and is on track to be made a full-time staff member at MLB Network in 2017.  Check out Mike’s inspiring true story here:

Sports broadcasters and production companies interested in hiring veterans and becoming part of the new group should e-mail Ken Kerschbaumer at For more information on MLB Network’s military-hiring experiences, contact Chris Mallory at

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Contact: Ken Kerschbaumer
Co-Executive Director, Sports Video Group