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Blackmagic Design Targets Live 4K Sports With Micro Studio Camera, 2160p60 Product Line

April 13th, 2015 Posted in Headlines By Jason Dachman

Blackmagic Design opened NAB 2015 in typical fashion on Monday — unveiling a whopping 38 new products, including a new 4.6K image sensor for URSA cameras, three new cameras, a major update to DaVinci Resolve, and a range of 12G-SDI products. For producers of live sports content, however, the clear headliners among the crowd at Blackmagic’s booth (SL219) are the new Micro Studio Camera 4K and full range of new 12G-SDI products capable of producing live UHD 2160p60 content.

Micro Studio Camera 4K Makes for Tiny, Flexible Live-Capture Tool

The Blackmagic Design press conference at NAB.

The Blackmagic Design press conference at NAB.

Similar to the Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K but in a much smaller form factor, the miniature Micro Studio Camera 4K camera has an expansion connector that allows it to be integrated with a B4 lens, a pan-tilt-zoom remote head, and a variety of other live-production applications.

The Micro Studio Camera 4K has SDI in and out and can be used for both HD and Ultra HD production. Features a built-in color corrector, talkback, tally indicator, PTZ control output, B4 lens-control output, and an extremely flexible MFT lens mount that is easily converted to other lens mounts via third-party adapters. It operates up to 2160p30 when operated in Ultra HD or up to 1080p60 when operated in HD.

The Micro Studio Camera 4K

The Micro Studio Camera 4K

“It’s sort of a ‘hackable’ camera that allows you to turn it into anything you want,” ‎Bob Caniglia, senior regional manager, Eastern North America, Blackmagic Design, said after the company’s press conference Monday morning. “The idea is, you can use this camera for almost anything. In terms of sports, it could be the small camera above the goal or behind the basket — all kinds of different things. I think what we will see is a lot of third-party people wrapping things around it to create [customized solutions].”

The camera, which will be available in July priced at $1,295, has a PTZ serial connection out, which can be used for controlling a remote head. Any pan, tilt, and zoom commands sent from the switcher to the camera via SDI will be output on this PTZ connection, and, if the user has a zoomable MFT lens, it will adjust the zoom on the lens as well. The expansion connector also has a B4 lens-control connection to control broadcast lenses.

“We have been asked for this a lot by high-end broadcasters, and now, with this camera and the B4 lens connection, you can add accessories to turn this camera into a fully featured studio camera,” Blackmagic Design founder/CEO Grant Petty said in a released statement. “Imagine using it as a full-size studio camera with external monitor and broadcast lens or using it on set concealed so you can get all kinds of exciting and interesting camera angles.”

A 2160p60 Ecosystem: Switcher, Router, and Converter
The running theme of 4K goes well beyond the Micro Studio Camera 4K, however. The company has unveiled several new 12G-SDI products capable of producing live UHD 2160p60 content, including an ATEM switcher, Smart Videohub router, and ATEM Talkback Converter.

Blackmagic's 2160p60 products on display

Blackmagic’s 2160p60 products on display

“We are really focused on UHD 60p with the 2M/E switcher, new miniconverters, new 40×40 routing switcher, and new Hyperdeck recorder,” said Caniglia. “We have created a whole product family that will wrap around our cameras to do 60p UHD production. Everything is à la carte, but we have built it in a way that you could logically put all the pieces together for full UHD 60p [production].”

According to the company, the ATEM 2M/E Broadcast Studio 4K is the first high-frame -rate Ultra HD 2160p60 switcher with 12G-SDI priced at $5,995. Users can connect the latest 2160p60 cameras using a single, standard SDI cable. The multi-rate 12G-SDI connections automatically switch to 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI, and HD-SDI, so the switcher is compatible with existing HD equipment. The ATEM 2M/E Broadcast Studio 4K can be used to master programs in 2160p60 while simultaneously outputting them in HD with real-time downconversion.

The Smart Videohub 12G 40×40 router also features 12G-SDI technology, allowing all SDI video formats up to 2160p60 to be routed on the same router at the same time ($4,995 and available in May). The router operates identically to other Smart Videohub models but with the addition of native 12G-SDI design. A broadcaster can connect 12G-SDI–based equipment, and Smart Videohub 12G will route these high-speed SDI signals along with all other equipment in the facility.

HyperDeck Studio 12G solid state disk based broadcast deck (Shipping in May for $2,495), ATEM Talkback Converter 4K (Shipping in May for $2,495), UltraStudio 4K Extreme Thunderbolt and PCIe video capture and playback solution (Shipping in June for $2,995), DeckLink 4K Pro dual link 12G-SDI capture and playback card (Shipping in May for $595), and Smart Videohub CleanSwitch 12×12 router (Shipping in May for $1,495).


Odds and Ends
Blackmagic’s new 4.6K sensor for its URSA high end digital film cameras is a Super 35 image sensor that features high resolution of 4608 x 2592 at 120 frames per second and an extremely wide 15 stops of dynamic range for images that rival those shot on traditional 35mm film. (Available in June)

The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera is a miniaturized Super 16mm professional digital film camera with a new expansion port that lets customers use PWM and S.Bus model airplane remote controls to operate the camera wirelessly for capturing action anywhere. (Shipping in July for $995)
The Blackmagic URSA Mini is a compact and lightweight Super 35 digital film camera that features an incredible 4.6K image sensor, switchable global or rolling shutter, up to 15 stops of dynamic range, a large 5 inch fold out viewfinder and dual RAW and ProRes recorders. (Shipping in July from $2,995)
Blackmagic Video Assist is a portable, all in one professional monitor and video recorder that can be used with any SDI or HDMI camera. It adds professional recording and monitoring to any camera and features a bright, high resolution 5 inch monitor for checking focus, framing, and reviewing shots, along with a broadcast quality HD recorder for saving quality video files. (Shipping in July for $495)
Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder is a high resolution electronic viewfinder specifically designed for the Blackmagic URSA and Blackmagic URSA Mini digital film cameras (Shipping in May for $1,495)

DaVinci Resolve 12 represents a major upgrade with over 80 new features for professional editing and color grading. This new update includes a new modern interface, multi-cam editing, powerful new media management tools, an entirely new professional audio engine with support for VST/AU plug-ins, shot matching, 3D keyer, new 3D perspective tracker, and enhanced curve editing.