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Evertz’s Magnum Offers Total SDVN Orchestration, Control

April 11th, 2015 Posted in News Roundup By SVG Staff

Evertz (Booth N1502) will highlight its Magnum advanced software-defined video-networking (SDVN) orchestration and controller for facilities looking to transition to IP. The Magnum platform provides flexible and unified control of the broadcast environment through a variety of user operational and management surfaces.

Magnum has been developed specifically to bridge all the major components in a hybrid or all-IP-based facility, including Evertz 10/100GE high-capacity switch fabrics, media IP gateways, and Evertz traditional SDI products.

Management and configuration of the various elements is done through Magnum’s Vue-Web, a tailored interface that provides user-specific dashboards exposing only the user-required applications and widgets.

Over the past year, Evertz SDVN technology has been deployed in facilities all over the world with Magnum at the center of the solution.