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iStreamPlanet’s Aventus Integrates With Adobe, Zixi; Launches on Google Cloud, CenturyLink Cloud

April 16th, 2015 Posted in News Roundup By Jason Dachman

iStreamPlanet is demonstrating a live, end-to-end multiscreen OTT solution in their booth in the North Hall, N914, at NAB. Zixi (SU10802) has been also selected by iStreamPlanet as the platform of choice for IP contribution to Aventus, iStreamPlanet’s live video encoding and multiscreen packaging service. In addition, iStreamPlanet has launched Aventus on Google Cloud Platform and CenturyLink Cloud.

iStreamPlanet Demonstrates Live Multiscreen OTT Workflow
iStreamPlanet will showcase a live linear, multichannel, OTT solution powered by Aventus, the company’s award-winning, cloud-based live encoding and multiscreen packaging software-as-a-service. The solution highlights the integration of Adobe Primetime ad insertion, playback and DRM to provide a scalable and reliable, end-to-end solution. Features include adaptive bitrate HD output to mobile, PC, Mac, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV and connected TV devices with Adobe Primetime’s client and server-side ad insertion, closed captions, and content protection, all critical elements of a next-generation OTT service.

“Solving the biggest challenges in the live video workflow requires tight integration between the encoding and packaging technology and the client-side players and apps,” says Jeremy Helfand, vice president of Adobe Video Solutions. “Working closely with iStreamPlanet to integrate Adobe Primetime capabilities with Aventus helps our premium content customers get to market faster with a proven, reliable solution.”

“Adobe and iStreamPlanet are working together to simplify live video playback with the combination of the Aventus SaaS and Adobe Primetime capabilities,” says Mio Babic, CEO and founder of iStreamPlanet. “Together we’re committed to helping premium content owners and distributors reach and monetize connected audiences on all devices while reducing the development and deployment time traditionally required to bring new OTT services to market.”

iStreamPlanet is also announcing new updates to the Aventus service including real-time telemetry alerts and history.  By providing alerts that proactively inform Aventus operators of any issues in the live encoding and packaging workflow, impact on the viewer experience can be efficiently prevented or minimized. Telemetry history allows Aventus operators to easily narrow down which workflow behaviors changed and when those changes occurred, speeding up troubleshooting and allowing for precise quantification of incident durations as part of continuous SLA improvement efforts.

iStreamPlanet Integrates Zixi Services for IP Contribution Over the Internet
iStreamPlanet is leveraging Zixi’s reliable, broadcast-quality, live video transport software solution to provide ingest over unmanaged Internet connections, offering an IP-based alternative to traditional backhaul methods like satellite and fiber. iStreamPlanet will be enabling Zixi contribution over IP to Aventus starting in Q2 of 2015.

“Content acquisition is the critical first step in the live video workflow, yet it remains a challenge for many of our customers who may not be able to use traditional content acquisition options due to cost or availability,” says Jennifer Baisch, VP of Marketing for iStreamPlanet.  “Integrating with Zixi, we are able to help solve those challenges with a cost effective acquisition solution that enables our live event and live linear customers to send content to Aventus from practically any corner of the globe.”

Zixi transport uses proprietary Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) technologies to ensure flawless transport over unmanaged networks. This proprietary technology is supported by a number of leading live video encoders offering seamless integration and multiple options for contribution to iStreamPlanet’s Aventus platform.

“Leveraging Zixi for contribution to iStreamPlanet’s Aventus platform simplifies live video ingest for content producers who want to leverage the Aventus cloud platform for processing and delivery,” stated Ray Thomson, VP of Marketing for Zixi.  “With Zixi, customers can contribute over IP from anywhere to iStreamPlanet’s Aventus platform, leveraging Zixi’s protected transport stream for reliable, secure, high quality contribution– helping iStreamPlanet deliver a powerful end-to-end live, multiscreen solution.”

iStreamPlanet’s Aventus service supports the entire live video workflow, including content acquisition, live media processing, multiscreen packaging and publishing for playback on any connected device. Broadcasters and programmers, sports leagues and pay TV operators alike will be able to use Zixi’s proven secure transport for contribution to the Aventus cloud service.

iStreamPlanet Launches Aventus on Google Cloud Platform
Responding to customer requests for a worldwide, multi-cloud solution, Aventus is now available for deployment in Google’s data centers across the US, Europe and Asia. Broadcasters, pay TV operators, sports leagues and premium content owners now have a worldwide solution to meet increasing levels of scalability and reliability to deliver live streaming events and linear channels to a global, connected audience.

Aventus, a cloud-based SaaS platform that simplifies live video streaming to multiple screens, combined with Google’s extensive network with over 70 locations in 33 countries enables content owners to reliably ingest high quality source feeds from anywhere in the world into the Aventus SaaS for live encoding, multiscreen packaging and publishing. Aligning with the Aventus simplified pricing model which includes the cost of compute, storage and publishing egress, customers can significantly drive down the costs of bandwidth associated with live media processing by peering directly with the Google network.

“Solutions that are able to scale quickly worldwide are necessary to meet the growing global demand for live video on all devices,” says Jennifer Baisch, VP of marketing for iStreamPlanet. “Running Aventus on Google Cloud Platform enables iStreamPlanet to provide scalable and reliable live media processing solutions for delivering high quality OTT services anywhere in the world, enabling faster time to market and lower barriers to entry for broadcasters and pay TV operators.”

iStreamPlanet Launches Aventus on CenturyLink Cloud
Aventus is also now available on the global public cloud footprint of CenturyLink Cloud. By running on CenturyLink Cloud, iStreamPlanet is able to rapidly deploy Aventus to meet customer live streaming needs across North America, Europe and Asia.

As the over-the-top media market explodes around the world, broadcasters, pay TV operators, sports leagues and premium content owners require global solutions to meet the rapidly growing demands of a worldwide, connected audience. Aventus on CenturyLink Cloud provides scalable and reliable multiscreen infrastructure and services for content providers to launch their OTT offering in more markets faster than a traditional, on-premises approach.

Many content owners and distributors struggle with finding a local OTT streaming solution that adheres to regulations mandating that content stay within national or regional borders. With Aventus available on CenturyLink public cloud, content can easily be acquired, processed and delivered to viewers without leaving a country or region. CenturyLink’s public cloud offers deployment time, self-service automation and run time compute customization capabilities that enable iStreamPlanet to customize resources for each Aventus workflow, resulting in higher reliability and lower costs.

“Our customers are requesting global multi-cloud services to keep up with the growing demand for live video on all devices,” says Baisch. “Offering Aventus on the CenturyLink cloud platform in data centers around the world provides our customers with end-to-end, in-region workflows with greater scalability, flexibility and reliability compared to appliance-based solutions.”

“iStreamPlanet selected CenturyLink Cloud to power the Aventus streaming solution because CenturyLink offers both the cloud and networking infrastructure required to deliver state-of-the-art live video streaming to global audiences,” says Jared Wray, CTO of CenturyLink Cloud, CenturyLink. “CenturyLink can deliver the performance and power necessary for Aventus’s processing-intensive workloads today and in the future because we continually invest in CenturyLink’s public cloud platform, networking capabilities and hardware infrastructure.”