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NAB Perspectives: Bexel’s Hatic on the Revamped Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions

April 15th, 2015 Posted in Headlines By Ken Kerschbaumer

NAB 2015 features a brand-new Bexel, which is now known as Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions and is under the direction of GM Halid Hatic. The revamped BGBS comprises not only Bexel, Bexel ESS, and Bexel TSS but also Autocue Hire/QTV Teleprompters, Camera Corps, and The Camera Store.

“We’re taking all of the brands together in one business unit and with back offices that work in unison,” says Hatic. “From a market perspective, we expect customers to perceive us as a one-stop shop. In the past, they would need an independent series of contracts; now they have one place to go. We want to attract independent content creators into the Vitec sphere of influence as we have aspirational brands.”

Among the first moves, he explains, will be a relocation to a new, larger facility in Dallas and also to one in West London in the fourth quarter of this year. Those larger facilities will allow Bexel to more quickly and easily respond to market demands, including an expanding UK rental business.

The NAB 2015 booth is also about new technologies. According to VP of Global Sales Greg Bragg, Bexel has purchased 20 Sony HDC4300 camera systems and is providing Viz Engines to ESPN. Bexel also made a big investment in Fujinon lenses.

Adds Hatic, “We will have Viz Engines on as many as 90 remote-production trucks, and the 20 HDC4300 units will be in Rio for the Olympics as we will need to provide around 80 camera chains.”

Alongside Hatic and Bragg, the BGBS team includes Richard Satchel, managing director, EMEA Division; and David Carr, VP, global sales, EMEA. U.S. hubs are in Burbank, CA; Dallas; New York City; Secaucus, NJ; and Washington; international hubs are in London and Surrey, UK; Mexico City; and Paris.