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NAB Perspectives: Dalet’s Ben Davenport Talks SJ Sharks Installation, Amberfin Integration, and Dalet Academy

April 13th, 2015 Posted in Headlines By Jason Dachman

Dalet Digital Media Systems ((booth SL4525) arrives at NAB on the heels off a major announcement that the San Jose Sharks had installed its new Dalet SportsPack at the SAP Center. Billed as an affordable turnkey solution based on the Dalet Galaxy, Dalet AmberFin and Dalet Brio platforms, Dalet SportsPack features logging, cataloging, post-production and distribution tools required for multiplatform distribution and tactical analysis of game-day media – all for less than $300,000 in the case of the Sharks (according to systems integrator Diversified Systems Inc.).

Ben Davenport at Dalet's NAB booth

Ben Davenport at Dalet’s NAB booth

Exactly one year after Dalet announced the acquisition of Amberfin at last year’s NAB, Dalet is previewing a new workflow orchestration model that combines the Dalet Workflow Engine with the AmberFin transcoding platform. The combined system leverages the intuitive Business Process Model & Notation (BPMN) 2.0 and allows users to quickly and easily create complex workflow chains with little or no prior experience. The new combination has been named as a finalist for the IABM Game Changer Awards 2015, shortlisted in the System Automation and Control category.

SVG sat down with Dalet Director of Marketing Ben Davenport to discuss the San Jose Shark SportsPack installation, the workflow orchestration tool’s IABM Game Changer nomination, the company’s education efforts at the show through Dalet Academy, and how he sees the cloud impacting newsroom and MAM systems in the future.

Can you tell us a bit about the SportPack installation at the San Jose Sharks’ SAP Center and how you see SportPack growing for future venue installations?
Diversified Systems [Inc.] has a full presentation about it at the booth here and we’re extremely excited about it because it’s a huge step for [SportsPack]. The hope is we are going to take that and roll it out to other hockey arenas and then do an evolution that we can use in Baseball ballparks, football stadiums and so on. It is a very easy, blueprint-type system that we can be picked up and drop in wherever it’s needed. It’s useful not just for the producing staff for outbound [consumer content], but coaches can also use it to improve the sport by searching and analyzing plays. It’s extremely easy to use so there’s very little training required.

It’s been a year since Dalet acquired Amberfin at last years NAB. Can you speak to the fruits of that integration and how the two entities have combined thus far?
Here at the show we have launched our combination of the Dalet Workflow Engine and the Dalet Amberfin transcoder. It’s a complete orchestration of media processing workflows in QC and manual review all coming together in a complete workflow solution for production. It will be shipping in July or August and is the finalist for the IABM Game-Changer Award. It’s very exciting and it’s been the busiest area of our booth so far.

How do you see cloud-based workflows impacting asset-management and newsroom systems in the immediate future?
There is no question the cloud is going to have major impact [on newsroom systems]. We have been thinking extensively about cloud technologies and their use-case for news operations. So we are looking at creating a true newsroom in the cloud. Not to replace existing newsroom systems, so much, but to extend those systems for event-driven news or to extend those systems to remote locations or freelance editors that previously would not have had [access].

So we are trying it here at NAB with a group of students here from UNLV covering the show. They are walking the floor generating news stories and contributing them through the newsroom system we have set up in the cloud. We are going to be hopefully doing a daily rundown of all of this at the end of the day on our Dalet Academy YouTube channel. It is an educational effort so that all the students taking part and ideally they will learn how to be journalists on Dalet systems. And it’s a learning effort for us as well.

Any other big news at the show this year?
The announcements around our Brio platform are also huge. The ability to have video over IP/SDI hybrid Media I/O is going to be really important as we move forward and IP starts to take over from SDI. The hybrid environment is completely transparent for users and that is quite important.

We also have a great connector for Adobe where your can control a Brio directly from an Adobe [Premiere Pro] editor, have a queue for your ingest feeds and have them directly imported into your Adobe bin. You have grown files and can be working on [projects] as they are ingesting while seeing the ingest feeds in the preview window. Everything comes straight into the editor.