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NAB Perspectives: The FilmTrack Team on the Company’s Coming-Out Party, Strategic Partnerships

April 14th, 2015 Posted in Headlines By Karen Hogan

Don’t let the name fool you. FilmTrack may seem to belong in the entertainment industry, but the company’s cloud-based software platform has plenty to offer sports clients looking to manage, measure, deliver, and, most important, monetize assets throughout every stage of the content-creation and -distribution lifecycle.


From left: FilmTrack’s Theodore Garcia, Brigitte Adams, and Eyal Goldstein

From left: FilmTrack’s Theodore Garcia, Brigitte Adams, and Eyal Goldstein

SVG sat down with Brigitte Adams, VP, marketing; Theodore Garcia, EVP, customer relations and alliance management; and Eyal Goldstein, EVP, sales, to discuss FilmTrack’s NAB Show debut, its partnerships, and how the FilmTrack platform helps customers with metadata and rights management.

Tell me about FilmTrack’s presence at NAB 2015.
Brigitte Adams:
This is our first time at NAB, so we’re showing our whole platform. We start with a content-asset–management system, rights-management system, royalties, financials, end-to-end platform for management of digital assets.

We also have brought in four of our partners, so we are really showcasing our partners: Information Builders, for data analytics; RightsTrade, a sister company of ours and an on-demand marketplace where buyers and sellers can sell their content online; and Intacct, our newest partnership, [which] offers clients an end-to-end [platform] from, basically, inception — initial invoice — all the way through to revenue recognitions. … Aspera’s another partner. We’ve been partners with them for two years, and they are an asset-delivery–management module. Basically, they enable us to do high-speed transfers of large media files.

We also have FilmTrack Music. We acquired Dashbox in November; they’re music-asset–management software, so that’s an extension of FilmTrack platform as well. This is sort of our coming-out party for many of our partners, as well as FilmTrack Music.

And for FilmTrack as well. This is your first year showing at the NAB Show. Why did it make sense to have a booth?
Our clients are here. We came last year. We had an offsite meeting room, and we were busy for four days —- almost back to back — and we decided to come and really showcase our whole platform as well as our partners [this year]. Really, when we look at our clients and target customers, everyone’s here, and the show keeps growing and changing.

Have you launched any particular products at this year’s show? What’s new for FilmTrack?
Theodore Garcia:
I think it’s our partnerships that are definitely being showcased. Our partnership with Intacct, which now enables a cloud-based [workflow] from ideation through quarter close/monthly close; your complete financial activities can be cloud-based. The relationship that we have with Information Builders allows the visualization of how your rights are being exploited, taking it beyond spreadsheets. Some people are visual, and they want to see the visual relationship.

What key trends are you seeing in the sports industry, and how is FilmTrack addressing those trends?
First, FilmTrack is probably a question for SVG readers. We’re FilmTrack, and we’re in the sports industry. It’s important for the readers to know that it doesn’t matter whether [it’s] film, television, music, games, publications, sports clips, historical content, licensing; it all [involves] management of an increasingly complex world of rights and availability of that asset to exploit and monetize. So, whether you’re involved from the sports-industry side in producing content, in acquiring content, distributing content, or managing the content, managing the rights associated with the content [and] the availability of the content [calls for] FilmTrack.

Sporting-industry content is being fragmented; it is being consumed across a variety of devices, across multiple geographies where rights management becomes more complicated. In addition, the way in which the content is managed will [depend on] whether [a client is in] tennis or golf or football or basketball; terminologies change. When you’re looking at metadata management across these various sports themselves, a match is a game, or is it? Or are you looking at a team members versus a player? All these different terms that, at a high level, seem fairly simple, [but] when you’re trying to manage it from a broadcaster perspective [and] somebody’s trying to distribute that, metadata management becomes complex. Hence, FilmTrack comes in, because FilmTrack can make sense of all of it and rationalize the metadata so that you can search and retrieve more efficiently.

And who are your key clients? Who would benefit most from the types of tools and services that you offer?
Eyal Goldstein:
Definitely the sports leagues, as they try to figure out all of the content that they have, all the assets that they have, [and] where they have the right to exploit it. I think one of the fastest-growing [areas] that we’re seeing is, there are individual networks now specific to universities and to conferences: Big Ten Network is somebody that we’ve been having conversations with, SEC Network is someone we’re having conversations with, and that has almost become a subvertical for us within a much broader vertical of network broadcasters, cable companies, and satellite companies — being able to get down to the granular level with the SEC Network [and] all of the rights and the content that they have.

What are your goals for your first NAB Show? What are you hoping to get out of the show?
As I said, this is really our coming-out party at NAB and, with our partner ecosystem, driving awareness. Then, obviously, we want to touch some accounts and have some good conversations here that may lead to something else. This is the first of, hopefully, many NABs for us.