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Studio Technologies Releases New Dante-Compatible Interfaces

April 13th, 2015 Posted in News Roundup By SVG Staff

Studio Technologies (Booth C11149) is exhibiting additions to its line of Dante-enabled products designed for broadcast, production, and systems-integration applications.

Included are portable and rack-mounted units that support mic/line input, line output, and talent-cueing functions with highly targeted application-specific configurations. All feature excellent audio quality, simple installation, and easy-to-use controls and interfaces. The new products join Studio Technologies’ line of Dante-enabled units, all released since the company’s adoption of Audinate’s networked-audio solution less than two years ago.

“Studio Technologies is striving to meet the increasing demands for specialized Audio-over-Ethernet solutions by creating four more Dante-enabled products,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “Our new products help to fill in some gaps and provide the ‘glue’ needed as facilities and installations move toward integrating the Dante audio-networking solution more fully into the audio chain.”

Model 5205 general-purpose audio-input device for Dante Audio-over-Ethernet applications

Model 5205 general-purpose audio-input device for Dante Audio-over-Ethernet applications

The Model 5205 is a general-purpose audio-input device for use in Dante Audio-over-Ethernet applications. The rugged, compact, portable unit is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powered and features two mic/line inputs with adjustable gain, P48 phantom power, and level metering. The 5205 provides excellent audio performance with rapid setup and ease of use.

The Model 5330 combines analog audio inputs, outputs, and monitor features that suit it for a wide range of applications, notably in stadium, educational, and corporate facilities being upgraded to Dante Audio-over-Ethernet media-networking technology. Its lightweight aluminum enclosure mounts in one space of a 19-in. rack; power is 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz.

The Model 5414 is a high-performance audio input/output unit, suitable for broadcast booth kits; corporate, government, and stadium media rooms; and as a front-end interface for press-feed systems. Features include four mic/line inputs on the front panel with adjustable gain, P48 phantom power, high-pass filtering and level metering. The back panel includes four balanced line-level analog outputs. The flexible monitor section provides single- or dual-channel source selection, audio-level meters, and dual ¼-in. headphone jacks. Powered by 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, the lightweight unit mounts in one space of a 19-in. rack.

Model 43D specialized audio interface

Model 43D specialized audio interface

The Model 43D is a specialized audio interface designed for broadcast and related IFB and talent-cue applications. Two independent, two-channel powered IFB outputs provide audio and 28 Vdc for supporting connection of portable listen-only user beltpack devices. Two transformer-balanced “-10” line-level analog outputs are provided for connection to such devices as wireless IFB transmitters, battery-powered user beltpacks, and amplified loudspeakers. Excellent audio quality, ruggedized outputs, status LEDs, and audio-level metering make this a sophisticated yet simple-to-use product. Housed in a lightweight “half-rack” enclosure with optional rack-mounting front panels, the unit can be powered by PoE or an external 12 Vdc source.