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Tektronix Showcases Oscilloscopes

April 13th, 2015 Posted in News Roundup By SVG Staff

Tektronix (Booth SU9121) is demonstrating the DPO70000SX ATI performance oscilloscope, which provides 70-GHz ATI performance enabled by patented ATI interleaving technology.

Features include 70-GHz analog bandwidth, 200-GSps sample rate, 4.3-ps rise time (20/80), >25-GHz edge trigger, 5.25-in. compact form factor, and <500-fs channel-to-channel jitter

By sampling the entire spectrum through two ADCs, the DPO70000SX oscilloscope averages data to provide the lowest noise and maximum performance. The company’s UltraSync architecture ensures plug-and-play flexibility while providing tighter channel-to-channel timing than many of today’s multi-channel oscilloscopes.

The DPO70000SX can be operated as a standalone instrument, or four scopes can be synced.

With a small form factor, the DPO70000SX enables engineers to place the scope’s acquisition system closer to the device under test. Signal degradation is minimized, thanks to shorter cabling.