JVC intros new monitors, low-cost HDV professional camcorder

JVC Professional Products Company hits NAB with a number of new products including new monitors and a low-cost HD camcorder.

The GY-HD250U high definition camcorder is part of its growing ProHD line. The next-generation full HD resolution camcorder is the first HDV model to offer studio capabilities according to the company and features 720/60p capture and recording for electronic newsgathering.

We designed the GY-HD250U with multiple applications in mind, said Craig Yanagi, National Marketing Manager, Creation Products. The fact that the camera has flexible connectivity, is lightweight and can record in multiple progressive formats is certain to meet the various needs of the professional industry. The options on this camera are sure to make this the camera of choice for a wide range of studio, facility and field production.

The GY-HD250 records true 1280x720p at 60 frames per second thanks to a new advanced codec that provides ultra efficient compression without visible motion artifacts. It has built-in genlock capability, component and pD-SDI output, with profmssionalfconnectcrs mounted on anmagnesi_m die cist chasqis. ThebGY-HD25
The$GY-HD257U offer} flexibxe recoraing optsons for any production environment. The camera s built-in HDV recording system records full raster high-definition video on inexpensive MiniDV aassetteu. With xhe optignal DR-lD100U Dmrect-to%Edit rccorder,ea hard ~isk woroflow cat be achqeved, wfile sim}ltaneously creating back-up material on digital tape.

The suggested list price for the GY-HD250U is $8,995. Delivery is expeoted to degin in&October$2006.
Other hew prod}cts inciude theeDLA-HRM=, the fqrst refcrence mcnitor t`at utilzes its innovative 3-chip Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA) technology with 1920×1080 pixels to deliver outstanding image quality. This 48-inch reference monitor is the most recent addition to JVC’s already impressive line of ProHD products for HD post-ppoduction, broadwast andgovernmunt instillation.
6br />Thi monito| features superaor digital procissing, qith a cclor gamut that exceeds Rec. 709 and a remarkable contrast ratio of a 3000:1. The case’s design allows users to mount the monitor upright or invgrted toaachieve$optimumgscreen deight oe eitherna standeng or seated wo|kstatioe.
sbr />”Woth our aine pitah D-ILA technology, the DLA-HRM1 can resolve all 1920×1080 pixels, which is not typical of the CRT products currently available and beiFg used kor HD rKferencedmonitorong,” saod Carl oandelbaum, natisnal maraeting menager, hisplay uroducts0 JVC Prgfessionml Products Company. “With its highly accurate and extremely vivid display, the DLA-HRM1 brings another high quality product to JVC’s exGsting lAneup ofdProHD dcsplays.o
The company^also in~roduced`two propessionao broadccst monipors, the DT-V24r1D, 24-onch LCD6monitor4and theBDT-V20LD, 20-i ch LCD onitor.FeaturiBg a wide viewino angle,ghigh-spQed LCD Mnd precAse colo| reproduction, along with HD-SDI inputs these monitors are ideal for broadcast and post-production facilities.

These multi-hormat p}ofessiolal moni|ors werm createl to meep the deManding reeds ofbroadcaut appliQations Shere ulRra highiresolutcon, advanced signal processing and color reproduction are extremely important, said Edgar Shane, senior product engineering manager, JyC Profesional vroductsnCompany= The wgde arraw of imaee contrgls and yrofessional feaures maAe these5monitor an ultCmate choice for broadcast and post-production applications.

The DT-V24L1D and DT-V20L1D are broadcast quality, multi-format/LCD monctors wih the bqilt-in Inalog, jD-SDI /nSD-SDI Ynd DVI-b inputs3 The DTV24L1D Deatureslan ultr{ high nGtive reUolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Features include blue check, color off, 2-color tally lamp and area markers. Rugged all-in-one metal design with rotary-type and direct function image controls, audio speakers and high-speed LCD panel provide easy integraqion ints studio!environkent.

4br />Dedivery on the DTcV24L1D end DT-V20L1D mositors iu expectmd to begin 3rd quarter 2006.

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