Dolphins Stadium adds six Ikegami HD cameras

Dolphin Stadium, home to Miami Dolphins football, Florida Marlins baseball, international soccer matches, concerts, and the upcoming 2007 Super Bowl, will also be home to six Ikegami HDK-725P portable HD cameras.

“Dolphin Stadium is a multi-use stadium,” said Chad Messina, Director of Scoreboard Operations. “When we started putting in the new scoreboards, I knew we needed these cameras because they’re long-lasting, they’re durable, and they’ll give us great pictures. We’ve ordered six cameras-all Ikegami HDK-725P’s. I’ve seen demos and seen this camera in action; it looks great and we’re very impressed with the HDK-725P’s performance.”

As Director of Scoreboard Operations, Messina and his camera crew are responsible for providing fans with detailed coverage of each event, from replays, half-time shows, and crowd shots, to post game interviews and press conferences. The Ikegami HDK-725P offers advanced, full digital technology to provide clear, high-resolution HDTV pictures, making it possible for fans to experience every aspect of a game or performance.

“We provide the fans with all the information and entertainment they need,” said Messina. “We wanted to secure the best camera available for the events here at Dolphin Stadium, and Ikegami was clearly the best choice. The picture is clearer, and you can see detail and definition in everything. It’s amazing-you can basically reach out and touch it and we’re really excited about that.”

The HDK-725P’s superior imagery is made possible by using newly developed full digital process ICs, where video signals are digitized with 12-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital quantization for non-linear processes. As processing is performed digitally, the HDK-725P will continue to provide high picture quality and reliability for many years.

The HDK-725P is also equipped with a DTL (detail) Correction system that is incorporated in both the camera head and CCU, and includes digitally processed horizontal, vertical, and diagonal correction signals for the red, green, and blue video signals. DTL Correction also achieves noise-free full resolution HDTV picture quality even if the camera is used in stand-alone configuration.

In addition to Ikegami’s digital detail technologies, sophisticated features such as a six-plus two-axis color corrector enables the camera to correct hue and saturation for each of the primary, secondary, and two customer selected colors. The HDK-725P’s “Super Color Knee system” makes corrections without changing the hue of highlighted parts and produces a more natural appearance, in high contrast scenes.

For Messina, Ikegami has always been a necessary tool for providing complete high-quality coverage for fans at Dolphin Stadium. With the installation of the LED display scheduled to be completed this month, Messina believes the Ikegami HDK-725P cameras will enable the new big screens to perform beyond expectations.

“I’ve been an Ikegami customer since 1994 and I’ve always been pleased with the way their cameras perform,” concluded Messina. “The HDK-725P is an outstanding example of Ikegami’s ability to provide detailed, high-quality pictures that are guaranteed to impress our audience. We believe in providing the best for our guests at Dolphin Stadium, and the Ikegami HDK-725P camera is going to enable us to do just that.”

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