Lighthouse LED screens create global soccer village

A worldwide network of Lighthouse LED video screens, stretching from Asia to Europe, served as public viewing galleries throughout the months of June and July 2006 as the FIFA 2006 World Cup football championships gripped the world.

From central locations that ranged from Dubai Airport in the Middle East, Hollywood Plaza in Hong Kong and Casa Azzurri in Italy, football fans unable to purchase tickets were treated to the full action of the games via Lighthouse screens prominently positioned in key venues around the world.

Special installations included deployments in the host country where fans congregated around giant Lighthouse video screens that were erected in
public venues such as parks, marketplaces and concert venues in the German
cities of Achern, Berlin, Freiburg and Offenburg.

Providing the best in high image quality, the Lighthouse screens
offered millions of fans front row seats of the football championships, an
experience that was not dissimilar to actually being in the stadium itself.

Commenting on the company’s involvement in helping to broadcast the
tournament to the public, Lighthouse managing director, Mark Chan stated
that he was delighted that the company was able to play a key role in
delivering the experience of the FIFA World Cup games to thousands of
spectators worldwide in public locations. “The great thing about Lighthouse’s high-tech displays is that they are
ideally suited to large spaces that accommodate thousands of people,”
commented Mr. Chan. “This provides the perfect conditions for creating an
atmospheric community experience where people from all walks of life can
come together to share in the enjoyment of an event.” More importantly, Mr. Chan also noted that aside from broadcasting the
matches, the World Cup experience provides a good example as to how LED
display technology can bring together people of different races and
cultures. “Individuals of differing backgrounds and nationalities, who were also
supporting different teams, were all congregating en masse around our
screens. This created an electric atmosphere that made it a truly special
community event for all citizens,” he concluded.

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