Orad CyberSport makes virtual graphics a reality

By Andrew Lippe
Orad is
looking to make it easier for sports broadcasters to insert live
on-the-field 3D graphics and animations with CyberSport, a plug-in tool
designed to enhance game analysis and distribute visual advertising.

using a plug-in system CyberSport, which requires only a single
operator, can accommodate fast reactions and specific needs of sports
broadcasting. The soccer plug-in, for example, has a 9-meter
distance indicator.

CyberSport also has an embedded 4-zone
chroma keyer is dynamic for different chroma keys can be applied in
certain areas to handle weathering problems to ensure high-quality
graphic overlays. Regardless of camera movement the inserted object
remains at its position.

It is a easy to use system that
supports many studio cameras and utilizes Hi-Definition Digital Video
Graphics (HDVG) hardware, Gary Attanasio director of sales for Orad
Inc. said. Orad s HDVG is an HD/SD system that supports all HD formats.
The HDVG can be configured as a high-definition system or as a high-
and standard-definition switch able system offering smooth transition
from one mode to the other from the same box. Because of Orad s
preparatory architecture there is no bottleneck between io and
graphics, said Attanasio.

Along with managing the data for
broadcasters CyberSport benefits from precise camera tracking using
sensor-based tracking as well as image tracking. Orad s image tracking
extracts tracking data from the video in real-time, so the system does
not have to be at the venue and 3D graphics can be overlaid onto the
down-streamed video signal.

CyberSport can be integrated with
Forum – Orad s 6-channel slow-motion video server, to create instant
replays. Such integration provides unique replay features like drawing
dynamic offside lines, measuring ball speed or highlighting a certain
event using a digital magnifying glass.

The Virtual
Advertisement application turns the playing field into an advertising
media platform. The 2D/3D graphics and video animations are
drawn, tied-to-the-field, and so even when the camera pans out, tilts
or zooms the graphic object remains at its original position.
Every sport is really getting interested, Attanasio said.

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