Daktronics gets ‘smart’ with color

Andrew Lippe

has released the new ColorSmart Scoreboard, with color changing LED digits that
reacts to the action of the game. ColorSmart technology is currently available
in five models and about ten compatible scoreboards, which include stats
displays, shot clocks and timers. ColorSmart scoreboards score all indoor
sports including basketball, volleyball and wresting.

new scoreboard integrates fans into the game, said Angela Hatton marketing
manager for sports production at Daktronics.

The Scoreboard has two modes
ColorSmart and Traditional mode. In ColorSmart mode the clock displays the
running time in green. If an official stops the clock the time on the clock
will change from the color green and instead illuminate in the color red. When
there is less then a minute left in the game, the time is displayed in amber.

technology also dictates team which team is leading. The score of the leading
team is shown in green, while their opponent’s score is displayed in red. The colors constantly change with each lead change. When teams are tied, the
scoreboard displays both scores in amber.

ColorSmart scoreboard is an expansion of the Uniview Scoreboard Digits. Uniview
has an imperceptible translucent material that is in front of the LED.
Traditionally LED s are directly exposed, Hatton said.

The translucent material gave Daktronics an incredible amount of flexibility.
Daktronics realized the PCB (printed circuit board) could allow LED colors for
they would not be directly exposed. Three years later they developed a
controller, the all sport 5500 and incorporated it with Uniview and thus
ColorSmart was born.

controller is easy to use. The controller includes a monochrome of red, amber
and green, says Hatton. The controller also only takes one person to operate
it. Each color changing feature is individually changed by the controller and
may be overridden manually.

the ColorSmart Scoreboard, the colors change instantly. I can t wait to see
fans reactions,” said Hatton.

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