ClipBlast! reveals search box for site owners

ClipBlast! (, the pioneering video search engine, introduced a free, downloadable search box, designed to enable website owners to quickly implement video site search and monetize video content.

Website owners can easily add ClipBlast!’s search box ( to their sites, by
simply copying and pasting HTML code.

ClipBlast’s patent-pending technology gives users the ability to
search for video clips from within a single site, video blog (vlog) or
across the entire web a capability that even search-engine stalwarts
like Google and MSN do not provide. For site owners, ClipBlast!
offers back-end video search technology that organizes video
libraries, which enables content to be monetized. Like Google and
other traditional search engines, ClipBlast! helps provide content
owners and advertisers with significant revenue opportunities by
delivering active, targeted and video-viewing audiences.

“Video is the next killer app awareness is enormous and growing,”
said Gary Baker, ClipBlast! founder and CEO. “While ClipBlast! excels
at indexing and searching video across the web, it’s equally adept at
indexing video within a specific site. Video is both different and
more difficult than working with static text, but ultimately it’s
still about information, which people need to find rapidly and
reliably. For ClipBlast!, video site search is part of our strategy
of serving as an umbrella that covers video from across the Internet;
which includes media companies, independent producers, vlogs, video
podcasts and user-video sharing sites.”