Observe taps SoundField mics for OB Surround needs

Observe, Ireland’s top independent outside broadcast company, has invested in a SoundField SPS422B microphone for use at outside broadcast events, and is considering buying several other mics for use in HD recording and broadcast applications.

The company, which handles OB events for many UK and Irish broadcast clients, opened its first High Definition Outside Broadcast unit in the spring and is in need of an easy means of recording 5.1 surround sound for HD broadcast, as 5.1 is the audio standard for HD transmission. Fortunately, SoundField’s microphone systems are capable of producing both stereo and 5.1 output, simultaneously if required.

“I like the SoundField, its audio quality and how easy it is to set up,” says Observe’s head of sound, Colm Flynn. “We have the SPS422B at present, but I’m looking at upgrading to the DSF-2 digital mic.”

Observe is covering some of the Rugby Heineken Cup for Sky Sports in Ireland, and they recommended the DSF-2, as they’ve been using it for UK Premiership football coverage.

“The 422B’s ability to output in stereo and 5.1 is of great interest to us,
but the DSF-2 can do that and also operate at distances of over a kilometer,
which could be really useful for us,” says Flynn. “We often can’t get our trucks very close to events.”