Xima.TV launches extreme sports network online with Narrowstep

Xima.tv has chosen Narrowstep’s proprietary technology system, telvOS, to launch their currently available broadband channel. Xima.tv is the broadband channel of the popular extreme sports and music channel, Planet One Ventures, Inc. (http://www.planetx.tv)
Xima.tv is targeted towards the 12-34 demographic audience and will provide free to air, ad supported, music, lifestyle and user generated content that speaks specifically to the pop culture audience. Xima.tv helps to build on Narrowstep’s massive success in delivering thriving community-minded’ TV over IP channels, which Narrowstep firmly believes the real future of TV lay within these ‘engaged’ internet communities, and is focused on enabling this future with their technology.
Narrowstep has multiple sports related channels such as cycling.tv, sail.tv, HorseAccess TV and MAC Experience (featuring martial arts and lifestyle), to name a few, as well as a sports production company, Sportshow Television, which produces live broadcasts and content for such companies as MSN Video UK, International Sailing Federation via sail.tv and more.
“We believe the future of television is to be found within new multi-platform programming that is customized to a focused audience like Xima.tv,” said Chris Gale, vice president of content & channel development of Narrowstep Inc. “Narrowstep offers our customers the ability to not only monetize their programming, but also extend their brand over the internet providing a unique means of communication that not only caters to highly popular programming that reaches the mass audience, but also a more highly
targeted affinity group like Xima.tv where the content embraces new
audiences and advertisers alike.”
“The concept of XIMA (an acronym for Extreme Independent Media Alliance) was born out of the fact that the action sports independent producer is becoming an endangered species,” said Don Phillip Durbin, founder and executive producer of Planet One Ventures, Inc. (POV). “Our industry is being taken over by the major media corporations leaving the little guy in the dust. In the tradition of the original United Artists film studio, XIMA and its broadband outlet is our first foray to give indie producers a competitive edge.”