Bunchball Powers Online Community Games For Super Bowl Winner

Bunchball, the leading provider of community games for online destinations, has teamed with the Indianapolis Colts to create an interactive game experience for fans that incorporates recognizable Colt symbols, such as the team logo, jerseys, footballs and more. The new game site, which can be found at www.colts.com/games, offers fans a fun way to interact with one another and test their knowledge of the Colts franchise.

Bunchball maintains a catalog of social games that can be integrated
directly into any online community, enabling users to take part in connected
game experiences with no download or purchase. Bunchball customized their standard matching game, Fruit Mixup, for the Colts – replacing apple and orange icons with Peyton Manning’s jersey, footballs, referees and logos.

Bunchball also created a user-generated trivia game for the site, where fans can demonstrate their knowledge of the franchise and its players and test their trivia knowledge against other fans. In this game, users create their own trivia questions, which are then voted upon by other fans based on question quality and accuracy. The best questions make it into the game.

“The Colts have millions of fans around the world,” said Pat Coyle, director
of database marketing and e-commerce for the Colts. “Our fans tell us they
want to connect more closely with the team and with other fans. Bunchball
games will help us give them what they want.”

We have been working with the Colts for several months on the games
element of their community site, said Rajat Paharia, founder and CEO of
Bunchball. When they made it to the Super Bowl, it presented an incredible
opportunity for us to test our product when the flurry of interest around
the Colts is at its utmost.