Riedel Supplies New Intercom System to CBS Television City Studios in LA

Riedel Communications, manufacturer of the most sophisticated intercom and radio technology, has supplied the intercom system that serves

City s new communications installation. The Riedel Artist system was installed in Studios 36 and 46 in the

Building of the legendary complex. The system went live on January 28th.

Riedel supplied

City s Studios 36 and 46 with a configuration comprised of two Artist 128 frames and one Artist 32. The three matrix mainframes are networked over a redundant fibre ring providing a decentralized, completely non-blocking matrix infrastucture. The matrices allow all frame sizes to use the same type of controller and client cards which significantly reduces expansion costs and simplifies spare component inventory. Every frame-size includes redundant controller cards and redundant power supplies. All modules are hot-swappable and real time status monitoring provides both local and remote failure reporting.

Controlled by thirty-nine Riedel 1000 series panels, the matrices are fully integrated with the facility s existing ClearCom central video tape and transmission systems. CBS is also using existing ClearCom 2 and 4 wire interfaces for RTS beltpacks and for IFBs. The Riedel Artist has been connected to existing Telos One telephone hybrids.

Currently the 32-port Artist frame in Video Tape enables operators to communicate with the studios. Eventually

City s renovation will encompass eight studios plus its video tape and master control/transmission facility. The Artist system s ability to achieve a plant-wide installation with relative ease will allow it to grow with the facility. The 32-port frame will then be moved to another building location and another 128 -port frame will be put in its place. With the great flexibility of the Artist fiber system extending the system to additional locations is straightforward and cost effective. The Artist platform is capable of connecting up to 128 matrices to a redundant fibre optic ring resulting in a maximum matrix size of 1,024 x 1,024 intercom ports. The system, however, still feels as one: it is completely non-blocking and has no limitations in the number of cross-points within or between the different nodes of the system.