Harris Corporation To Highlight Digital Radio Broadcast Studio Workflow At NAB2007

Harris Corporation, will
demonstrate a full complement of networked digital radio broadcast studio
systems, consoles and supplementary equipment at the 2007 National Association
of Broadcasters convention (April 16-19, Las Vegas
). The Harris Radio Broadcast Systems
display, located at booth N2502 in the North Hall, will focus on enhancements to
existing products and new ancillary tools designed to improve the live, daily
studio workflow at an economical price

“The need for networkable radio studio products has increased greatly
in the past year as stations — especially those that have added HD Radio
transmitters — face the challenge of filling more channels with compelling
content,” said Debra Huttenburg, vice president and general manager of Harris
Broadcast Communications Division, Radio Broadcast Systems business unit. “The role of the
studio console continues to evolve beyond a distinct on-air system, into part of
a scalable, integrated, audio management system. Harris continues to bring new
products to market and enhance existing solutions to serve the entire studio
environment, from the smallest independent station to the largest consolidated
studio facilities.”

At NAB2007, Harris will feature the VistaMax studio audio networking system for larger
facilities and VistaMax Envoy system for small-to-medium and satellite studio
facilities at the heart of its studio systems and consoles display. The
VistaMax platform drives on-air content from multiple sources to multiple
studios, while reducing the complexity of engineering associated with
traditional routing solutions.

Harris will introduce the VistaMax 500-series code for consoles and
cardframes. The software-based platform features enhanced UDP support for
external servers, like computer playback systems, to remotely control VistaMax™
devices and to receive real-time system status messages. Incorporation of SNTP for real-time synchronization,
automatic reverse logic routing for sources with two-way logic (microphones,
associated control panels), expanded macro support, intercom applications and
enhanced support for complex link topologies are among the additional

Harris also will show enhancements to its NetWave digital on-air
console. The NetWave range of consoles (NetWave-8, NetWave-16 and NetWave-24)
was introduced at NAB2006 as a compact and feature-rich console built for
small-to-medium markets in need of a cost-efficient, digital on-air board.
Harris will showcase the NetWave, with its increased mix-minus capabilities,
from two to six channels, to enable more sophisticated remote interaction with
listeners. This feature is especially useful for broadcasters with demanding
talk shows and other remote applications. The NetWave digital
on-air console is designed especially for networkable configurations when
bundled with VistaMax Envoy for audio management and source sharing.

At NAB2007, Harris also will introduce the 4X-A2D

, a new low-cost analog to digital converter that is an ideal
companion for the NetWave digital on-air console. Rackmountable or deliverable
in a 1RU case, the 4X-A2D

features four analog inputs that convert signals to
AES digital en route to the NetWave or other digital console. The converter
may be especially useful for stations broadcasting in HD Radio that are
incrementally converting to a completely digital studio infrastructure.

Harris also plans to show its RMXdigital on-air console, one of the radio
industry’s premier digital consoles for medium-to-large markets. Harris will
introduce a new companion piece to this console, the RMXd8-HL, a rackmount
self-contained mix-engine or “headless” RMXdigital. The RMXd8-HL provides a
cost-effective solution to controlling and automating content output, especially
on auxiliary delivery channels like the Internet, HD-2 and HD-3 multicast
channels, and WiMax feeds.

The RMXd8-HL can be remotely controlled by an automation system or,
as on standard RMXdigital consoles, it can be controlled using standard
VistaMax session and macro files. It has eight independently controlled outputs
(four analog and four digital) and five mix-bus outputs, with both analog and
digital outputs that are fed by the built-in, eight-channel virtual mixer. The
“Optical Link” option allows the RMXd8-HL to be located up to 2km from the main
studios so a transmitter or auxiliary studio location may cost-effectively tie
into the main VistaMax system.

Harris also will demonstrate StereoMixer digital, a console offering
digital production and on-air capabilities to small-market operations at an
analog budget. The console’s totally digital mixing architecture enables
medium-to-large market radio stations to use the console for smaller production
studios, voice tracking rooms, nonlinear editing suites and newsrooms.
Available in tabletop and rack-mount configurations, StereoMixer digital users
can enable VistaMax networking over multiple studios through simple console

All consoles and networked audio systems on display will be
integrated with the Harris Smoothline furniture range. This cost-effective
line of studio furniture is customized to address space and ergonomic
requirements of modern radio stations and pre-engineered to handle heat, wiring
and other everyday facility issues.

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