Modavox and BlackAthlete Sports Network to Webcast the First International Basketball Tournament

Sports Network, LLC (BASN) has developed the first ever global professional
street basketball tournament that will launch with a US Championship Game in

Garden in

New York City. The tournament will culminate

in August with American players touring four cities. The tournament will
feature the top

12 Chinese Street
Basketball players and streetball champions from the

United States. In addition, BASN is
creating a television reality series filmed in both countries. The series will
broadcast on Dragon TV, a leading television network in

China. BASN has
formed a leading-edge partnership with the Chinese StreetBall Association (
that has provided organization and talent for the tournament and television

is the exclusive Internet broadcasting
provider for the events and reality series and will provide website environments
that will deliver high-quality video, audio, and interactive components to
StreetBall fans Worldwide. BASN and Modavox will be partnering with

for the US Championship broadcast and Dragon TV for delivery of the Chinese leg
of the events in August. The event will broadcast from the BASN websites
located at and and will be
syndicated to sponsor, advertising and related association sites across the

along with StreetBall Associations in both China and the US the BlackAthlete
Sports Network is producing an international sports competition that combines
an exciting championship series with a reality TV program that will provide a
view of players experiencing new cultures and places, and then taking those
collective experiences on to the basketball court,” said Roland Rogers,
President and CEO of BlackAthlete Sports Network, LLC. “This series of events
will combine sports and international lifestyles in a unique way that the
Internet is perfectly suited for delivering. Modavox provides the global
platform that enables us to reach viewers across the globe while providing
unique interactive components that enrich our Internet broadcasting initiatives.”

Lyons, Interactive Sales Manager for Modavox, stated, “Our patented geographic
advertising and delivery platform is well equipped for this multinational
project, We are very excited to be part of this ground-breaking series of