XOS Network Signs First BCS University to Exclusive 360 Solution

Technologies, Inc., announced the expansion of


University’s XOS Donor
Management platform to include XOS Total Ticketing and an official athletic Web
site complete with interactive fan features, giving the school all of the
benefits of XOS’ 360 Solution.

currently provides Mississippi State with its Donor Management module, but with
XOS Total Ticketing MSU fans will soon be able to order tickets online, share
tickets with others and track Bulldog Club rankings quickly and easily.
In addition, XOS will provide the university with a customized broadband
platform that includes:

Web site
design and integration


A branded
broadband video channel (Maroon to the Max)

One Fan
Profile (Fan transaction monitoring)


Network provides customized site design, content management, and Web-based
donor management and ticketing solutions for more than 150 professional and
collegiate sports teams. As the first BCS school to implement a total
Network solution with XOS,


State plans to streamline
its three former technology vendors into one for the “seamless” 360 Solution.

partnering with XOS we can now provide a vast array of benefits for our fans,”
said Larry Templeton, Director of Athletics, MSU. “With the XOS system,
our fans will soon be able to take advantage of an easy-to-use system to order
tickets online, while our broadband site keeps them updated on the latest

State news. We will also now be equipped
with more ways to better communicate our message to our fans.”

XOS will


State with a publishing
platform for its official athletics Web site, a branded broadband video channel
and live event streaming. These features will integrate with the XOS Total
Ticketing solution that enables fans to order and share event tickets, make
donations and receive 24/7 service.

renovated athletics Web site is slated to launch in July 2007.

been nothing but pleased with the XOS Donor Management solution and the
outstanding customer support that XOS is known for throughout the industry,”
said Mike Richey, Assistant Athletics Director, Development. “What’s great
about the XOS Network is that everything integrates seamlessly and provides us
with the most efficient way to keep our fans engaged at the highest level
possible. Our donors will enjoy being able to create a personal profile for
fast and easy 24/7 access. We will be excited to launch the redesign of our
official athletic site in July.”


also has an existing relationship
with XOS Coaching Solutions to leverage its digital video editing software for
football, as well as other sports. Now with the addition of XOS Network
offerings, the university is equipped with the XOS One Fan Profile, designed to
capture the interactions of each and every fan for enhanced e-marketing

State is a fantastic example of how
leaders among collegiate sports programs are beginning to see the bigger
picture with technology,” said Nada Usina, President, XOS Network.
“They’re integrating emerging technologies for greater flexibility with fan
interaction, revenue generation and with team-news distribution via digital
media. Overall, we’re equally ent