Colorado Altitude Training and Abunassar Impact Basketball Team up to Train the NBA

Impact Basketball (AIB) offers top NBA athletes state-of-the-art training
facilities as well as integrated performance training. Created by Joe
Abunassar, the world’s premier basketball skill coach, AIB continues to remain
on the cutting-edge in training technology by bringing altitude to

Las Vegas.

at AIB’s training facility in

Vegas can train at high altitude inside a Colorado
Exercise Room, which allows two athletes to perform cardio training at 9,000
feet. All CER systems include a proprietary CAT Digital Controller, which
controls and monitors the altitude and carbon dioxide levels. Colorado Altitude
Training, the world’s leader in altitude simulation, has been delivering
altitude training to athletes all over the world for the last 7 years. Altitude
training, long the bastion in the elite endurance markets, is now being
accepted widely by mainstream team sports as a way to increase speed and
strength while improving endurance and recovery. CAT supplies altitude to many
professional teams and players in the NFL, NHL, and to several elite college
programs. For more information contact Colorado Altitude Training at 303-440-4102
or 877-ALTITUDE.