Leader LV5100D ordered by KPN for IP-based OB Vehicle

KPN, one

largest telecommunications service companies, has chosen Leader’s LV5100D
component digital waveform monitor for use in a newly upgraded
internet-streaming outside broadcast production vehicle. From its base in

Utrecht, the vehicle is
offered for hire to provide live video coverage of KPN client events. These can then be streamed to
audiences viewing via normal IP-connected web browsers. The LV5100D purchase
was negotiated through elQuip BV, Broadcast Master Distributor for Leader
Electronics Corporation in

KPN provides telephone, internet and television services to customers through
its fixed network in the

At September 30, 2007, KPN served 5.5 million wireline voice subscribers, 9.1
million mobile customers, 2.6 million internet customers and 0.4 million TV
customers in the Netherlands as well as 16.8 million mobile customers in
Germany and Belgium.

“The investment forms part of a major equipment refit from analogue to digital
operation,” comments Paul Vos, Managing Director of elQuip BV. “The
LV5100D can be deployed to measure component digital, component analog or
mixed-mode signals. Vector display of digital and analogue sources can be
performed quickly and serial transmission errors can be

monitored using an integral EDH measurement facility. A data dump function
displays an arbitrary line of digital values in hex. The instrument is also
equipped with audio measurement facilities including X-Y stereo display.”

The LV5100D has two passive component serial digital input channels conforming
to ITU-R656-1 and SMPTE 259M. An active output provides onward transmission of
either input. A three-channel YUV/GBR analogue input is also incorporated. Y or
G chroma components can be viewed as a television image on an integral 150 mm
rectangular high-intensity P4-phosphor CRT. The positional relationship between
a video signal and its corresponding image can be checked using an intensity-modulated
display of a selected image line. Electronically-generated cursor reference
lines allow easy measurement of signal level. User-assignable memories allow
frequently-employed measurement parameters to be stored for local or remote
rapid recall.

Model LV5100DE offers all the facilities of the LV5100D plus an eye-pattern
display allowing close visual inspection of the digital signal carrier. Both
models have compact 215 x 429 x 132 mm WDH dimensions.

Founded in 1978, elQuip BV (www.elquip.com) specialises in providing high-quality
products for broadcasters, post-production facilities, edit suites and
electronic equipment manufacturers. elQuip is Broadcast Master Distributor for
Leader Electronics Corporation in


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