Thinking green? IVB Media Services says think recycled tape

By Andrew Lippe
The process of “going green”
is suddenly a hot button issue in the sports community. Stadiums are
being constructed with environmental issues in mind. The newest MLB
ballpark Nationals Park was built with LEED (Leadership in Environmental
Design) standards in order to reduce water consumption at their ballpark.
Leagues like the NHL partnered with GreenLife to inform NHL clubs about
the recycling process. And mobile providers are going green by
building trucks that reduce power and fuel consumption.
IVB Media Services has been
helping in the green initiative by recycling tapes so sports leagues
can reuse them again. IVB Media Services president David Checkor says
his company has worked with HBO Sports, the USTA and the NFL Network but there is still not enough awareness among the sports community
about the recycling process. “I believe we are only touching two percent
of the tapes that are out there,” says Checkor.
IVB Media Services recycles
media in Beta SP, Digital Betacam, HDCam, DVcam, and DVCPro. The rise
of tapeless acquisition makes recycling of betacam tapes seem less significant
but this is hardly the case. “Although tapeless acquisition is becoming
the standard, tapes are still used as a backup delivery format,” says
Checkor. “Tapes are not quite obsolete yet,” adds Checkor. “People still don’t trust
hard drives.”
As a result, IVB media also
recycles HD and digital format. “Reprocessed HD tape is much cheaper
but many people don’t even know that it is out there,” says Checkor.
The tapes are recycled instead
of being sent to a landfill and the process has grown in the last six
months. “The going green process has seen a real increase because
of a wreaking economy, and filled up landfills,” adds Checkor.
IVB Media Services recycling
process uses an Evaluator which determines the quality of the tape and
the tape is then processed through a degausser where the tape is erased.
It is the repacked and sent back out. Tapes are sent via freight companies.
IVB Media Services evaluates
used tape for half the price of buying new tape. David says that on
average evaluated tape stock is at least 50% cheaper. An evaluated Digital
Betacam 64 would sell for about $12.00 instead of buying new Betacam
tapes that would cost for about $30.00. HDCam formats savings are around
65% off the price of new tape.
The recycling process is clearly
a money saver. “Mobile trucks all want high end tape,” says Checkor.
If the tape is not recyclable only the plastic shell and metal parts
are recycled.
Checkor says there needs to
be more education. “Our industry is changing. Everybody should be
concerned. Sports leagues can take the lead about going green. Everyone
looks up to sports players why not up to sports leagues,” he says.

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