Panasonic Tape Lineup Gets Boost

Two new
advancements in Panasonic’s line of professional digital media — the new
AMQ-Series Advanced Master Quality tape for professional master-quality HDV, DV
and DVCAM recording and the new PQUS-Series Professional Quality Pro DV tape
for professional miniDV recording — are now available.
for the
market only, and exclusively available from Panasonic Broadcast, the AMQ tape
series provides unprecedented performance for DVCAM (15 m track width), HDV
and DV SP (10 m track width), and DV LP (6.67 m track width) recording.
AMQ tapes feature Panasonic’s next generation Super Advanced Metal Evaporation
(S-AME) technology with four times the magnetic density of the previous tape
generation, providing +1.2dB higher output than the competition.
Advancements in Panasonic’s proprietary Dry-Type lubricant and robust
Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) film development dramatically boost the tape’s
durability for high speed shuttling, still-frame, and professional
editing. A surface treatment process extends VTR head life and reduces
head clogging and dropouts.
to provide reliable and high-quality professional miniDV recording, the new
U.S.-market-only PQUS tape series utilizes an Advanced Metal Evaporation (AME)
technology that provides a high signal output, consistent durability and
optimal tape-to-head contact.
AMQ-Series includes two mini advanced master tapes – AY-HDVM33AMQ ( 22/33/49
minutes) and AY-HDVM63AMQ ( 42/63/94 minutes) – and four standard advanced
master tapes – AY-HDV96AMQ ( 64/96/144 minutes), AY-HDV124AMQ (82/124/186
minutes), AY-HDV186AMQ (124/186/279 minutes) and the AY-HDV276AMQ ( 184/276/414
minutes). The new PQUS mini DV tape series includes the 33-minute AY-DVM33PQUS,
the 63-minute AY-DVM63PQUS and the 83-minute AY-DVM83PQUS miniDV cassettes.
Both AMQ
and PQUS tapes are designed with a rugged ABS resin shell construction, which
prevents warpage and cassette housing damage and provides impact-resistant
durability. The anti-static cassette lid repels dust and contaminants that can
cause dropouts.
cassettes are packaged in a rugged, side-locking hard case to increase tape
protection and prevent against accidental opening. The case’s non-slip,
ribbed finish and special grooves allow for safe stacking and carrying within
the production facility.
cassette comes with a durable, 2-way opening case made from a soft resin that
will not break if dropped. The 2-way lid construction enables users to easily
extract the tape with one hand, even while recording.
tapes are available at the following suggested list prices: AY-HDVM33AMQ
(mini), $14.95; AY-HDVM63AMQ ( mini), $17.95; AY-HDV96AMQ (standard), $25.95;
AY-HDV124AMQ (standard), $32.95; AY-HDV186AMQ (standard), $38.95; AY-HDV276AMQ
(standard), $46.95. The PQUS miniDV tapes are available at the following
suggested list prices: AY-DVM33PQUS, $9.95; AY-DVM63PQUS, $11.95; AY-DVM83PQUS,

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