Telecast Rattler Drives LED Displays at Vejle Stadium

A Teknik, a Danish dealer provided
Telecast Fiber Systems
Rattler digital video transmission modules to drive LED boards throughout the
newly completed Vejle Stadium, home of Denmark’s Vejle Boldklub (Vejle BK)
football club.
Vejle Stadium seats 10,000 and features three Lighthouse Technologies LED
screens supplied by LED display specialist LEDconstruction. The installation
features the LED stadium display wider than 8,800 pixels, with 92 Lighthouse
panels forming a one-meter-high strip running the perimeter of the stadium.
With a deadline for a pilot demonstration looming, the installation hit a snag:
standard coaxial cables would not be sufficient to span the long distances
required to deliver high-quality HD video signals to boards throughout the
overnight during the weekend, LEDconstruction enlisted a local fiber engineer
to install fiber cables to A Teknik’s specifications and incorporated Telecast
Rattlers to supply feeds for the longer runs within the stadium. Since the
portable, lightweight Rattlers are powered by a standard mini-USB connector, A
Teknik was able to use an off-the-shelf USB hub to supply power to the multiple
Rattler transmission units. As a result, LEDconstruction was able to meet its
deadline to conduct the pilot demonstration of the LED system after beginning
the fiber installation the previous morning.
premier of the system was extremely successful, and everyone in attendance was
impressed that the installation challenges could be surmounted on such short
notice and over a weekend,” said Jan Berg, president of A Teknik.
“This would not have been possible without the ease-of-use, power, and
simplicity of the Rattler modules. In fact, LEDconstruction’s top management
has assured us that the Rattlers will play a key role in their future
again, Telecast solutions have helped to demonstrate the superior performance
of fiber optics for maintaining video signal integrity over long
distances,” said Richard Cerny, president, Telecast Fiber Systems.
“We’re pleased that our Rattlers are playing such an integral role in this
groundbreaking LED display installation.”

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