Broadcast Pix Introduces 3G Switcher Frame

Pix has announced a new 3G Switcher Frame as an upgrade for its Slate G Series
of live video production systems. The new frame is native 3Gbps 1080p/60 and
provides simultaneous multi-definition SDI I/O for 1080p, 1080i, 720p and
standard definition, as well as DVI.

The price of a new Slate system plus
the new 3G Switcher Frame upgrade is less than half the price of any other 3G
production switcher, yet Slate also includes HD clip and graphic stores, CG, multi-view
monitoring and Fluent workflow software. The upgrade creates the first 3G
integrated production system.

Pix has always been about creating highly compelling live video very cost
effectively. Now we are making 1080p production affordable,” says
Broadcast Pix president Ken Swanton. “Our new 3G Switcher Frame will
enable Broadcast Pix customers to gracefully and economically upgrade when they
are ready, and enjoy superior multi-definition productions using all of today’s
HD and SD standards. Investing in a Broadcast Pix system means investing in the
With twice
the data rate of 1080i, 3Gbps compared to 1.5Gbps, the new 3G Switcher Frame
offers superior picture quality. More data also means better
multi-definition production. The Broadcast Pix 3G Switcher Frame features
simultaneous input of 1080i, 1080p, 720p, SD-SDI and DVI, and simultaneous
output of all. The 3G upgrade helps future-proof Broadcast Pix systems with
the emerging 1080p standard already found in TV sets, routers, monitors,
computers, projectors, and many emerging cameras.
switcher manufacturers provide “dual-link” 3G by splitting each input into two
1.5Gbps streams – a very cumbersome and expensive solution that consumes two
inputs for each source and 2 M/Es for each M/E. Broadcast Pix native 3G
provides support for 3Gbps on a single SDI cable, and processing of complete
1080p/60 progressive streams inside 1 M/E.
from other manufacturers also add delay separately at various points in the
production process, including input format conversion, input aspect ratio
conversion, DVE picture-in-picture, adding graphics, output format conversion,
and output aspect conversion. However, the Broadcast Pix system handles all
these tasks with an unprecedented constant delay of 33ms (patent pending),
making the 3G Switcher Frame upgrade ideal for the most demanding live events,
as well as television, Internet and Blu-ray productions.

The 3G Switcher Frame is a separate box, which simplifies wiring, increases the
amount of I/O, and further enhances robustness. It communicates with the
Broadcast Pix workstation over a single PCI Express bus cable, which carries
sixteen video and key inputs of full resolution clips and graphics, as well as
communication for comprehensive multi-view monitoring, networking, and the
Fluent Workflow software.
addition, the new 3G Switcher Frame can run independently, which further
enhances the exceptional redundancy and reliability of Slate systems. If the
Slate workstation is shut down or disconnected during a production, the
switcher continues to operate through a patented redundant interface with the
control panel.
Two models
were announced as upgrades for 1 M/E and 2 M/E Slate systems. The 1 M/E 3G
Switcher Frame includes 26 inputs, 10 external video and 16 for internal clips
and graphics. The external inputs include eight HD/SD-SDI, one key cut, and one
DVI.The Frame also includes six HD/SD-SDI video outputs and four DVI
outputs. The switcher provides four keyers and three DVE boxes.
The 2 M/E
3G Switcher Frame offers 36 inputs, 20 external video and 16 for internal clips
and graphics. The external inputs include 16 HD/SD-SDI, two key cut, and two
DVI.The Frame also includes 12 HD/SD-SDI video outputs and four DVI
outputs. The switcher provides six keyers and DVE boxes. Both models handle
synchronous and asynchronous inputs, and have embedded digital audio for
clips.Analog stereo audio for clips and redundant power are also
Any Slate G
Series system can upgrade to 3G with these new 3G frames.All previous
Broadcast Pix Slate systems can upgrade to the G series, and then to 3G.The
3G upgrade involves removing the current Slate video processing boards from the
Slate G Series workstation, plugging in a PCI express board, and then attaching
this card to the new 3G Frame with a PCI express cable.
The 3G
Switcher Frame upgrade is priced from $11,900, and deliveries are expected to
begin later this year. Broadcast Pix will offer demonstrations of the 3G
Switcher Frame at Booth SU2617 during the 2009 NAB Show, April 20-23 in Las Vegas, Nev.
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