Evertz Products Automatically Adjust A/V Synchronization, Audio Levels

By Adam Goldberg

IntelliTrak and IntelliGain products from Evertz (Booth N1602) monitor and automatically adjust audio-video synchronization and audio levels, a solution for solving two particularly vexing issues plaguing digital broadcast television. IntelliTrak monitors audio/video program synchronization using non-intrusive techniques. IntelliGain applies intelligent gain-control processing and metadata adjustment to normalize audio levels within one program and across several channels.

IntelliTrak monitors audio/video synchronization in several steps: a fingerprint of the audio-to-video relationship is created at an origination point, the fingerprint is transmitted separately from the program to the reception point, then the fingerprint is used to determine if there is a difference in synchronization after reception. The IntelliTrak system can optionally automatically adjust the program back into the original synchronization.

IntelliGain controls the loudness of audio programs dynamically in real time, adjusting loudness as measured by ITU-R BS.1770. When loudness is outside of the target range, the audio gain is automatically adjusted to bring loudness into the target range.

Both IntelliTrak and IntelliGain are available as options on various Evertz products.

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