T-VIPS Takes JPEG2000, 3G HD to Next Level with TVG450 Video Transport Solution

NAB 2010 will mark the U.S. debut of the T-VIPS TVG450 next generation video transport solution, extending the company’s presence in the JPEG2000 space and 3G HD support.

T-VIPS pioneered JPEG2000 in video transport, being the first to design, launch, and deploy JPEG2000-based solutions. The new TVG450 Video Gateway delivers a wealth of benefits for broadcast contribution, studio-to-studio media exchange, routing, post-production, live event coverage, and primary distribution, including industry first JPEG2000 support for 3G HD (1080p).

The T-VIPS TVG450 is the industry’s first JPEG2000 video gateway, based on the latest advances in JPEG2000 compression and IP networking and supporting SD, HD, 3G HD (1080p), and 3D contribution over IP transport networks.

The TVG450 is designed to deliver high density video performance and minimize power consumption. NAB 2010 sees the US launch of a modular frame solution of the TVG450, allowing 6 HD channels in 1 RU. This complements the compact half-width 1 RU and the full 1 RU dual power solutions. This JPEG2000 solution complements the existing T-VIPS Video Gateway family and is integrated with T-VIPS Connect, the T-VIPS control, and monitoring solution.

“The increased availability of good-quality Ethernet links combined with the high quality enabled by JPEG2000 video transport, means that broadcasters no longer have to choose between high quality and cost-effectiveness, since our JPEG2000-based video gateways provide both,” says Johnny Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS. “We have broadcast customers in the US telling us that their total video transport costs have dropped by 70% since deploying our JPEG2000 video gateways. The US debut of the high-density TVG450 enables broadcasters to transport 3G and 3D video; this power and flexibility combined with its cost-saving potential, makes JPEG2000 over IP a very attractive proposition.”

Key Features include multiple JPEG2000 compressed video channels, high quality video, robust transmission of HDTV signals over IP networks, limited delay, MXF encapsulation, ancillary data support, a compact and flexible cost-effective solutions, and user-friendly configuration.

The TVG450 is also compatible with next generation infrastructures and is 1080p ready. As broadcasters move towards 1080p, those planning new contribution infrastructures can utilize the TVG450 to build a 1080p compatible infrastructure today. The TVG450 provides a software-only upgrade path from 1 SD channel to up to 4 SD channels, 2 HD (1080i/720p) or 1 3G HD (1080p) channel. Applications include: professional broadcast contribution, studio-to-studio media exchange, in-house signal distribution and routing, live event coverage, 3G high definition contribution, and 3D backhaul.

T-VIPS’s TVG450 scores high when it comes to reducing both CAPEX and OPEX. The price is considerably lower than competing technologies and boasts an IP enabled infrastructure, compatibility with next generation 1080p infrastructures and an easy to use toolbox. In addition, at less than 10W per SD channel, power consumption is incredibly low.

The TVG450 is capable of high quality video with 4:2:2 support and 10 bit resolution, ultra low latency, lossless and low loss compression and no quality-loss in workflows requiring multi-generation compression. In addition, research shows that the use of JPEG2000 in the contribution chain provides a significant bandwidth gain in the last mile of the chain, which can be used to improve video quality and/or launch new services such as HD and VOD. In order to handle packet loss in transport networks, the TVG450 implements forward error correction (FEC) and advanced error concealment. The TVG450 supports MXF over IP, the only encapsulation format capable of handling JPEG2000 compressed 1080p video and lossless compression.

3D is the next differentiator in home entertainment, with many major broadcasters planning to launch 3D TV during 2010. In order to deliver an excellent viewer experience, home mastering requires left and right eye images in full resolution. TVG450 JPEG2000 Gateway supports synchronous backhaul of the stereo imaging. The advantage is high video quality though 10 bit dynamic range, full HD resolution, and low latency.

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