Azusa Pacific University Campus Goes HD with Riedel’s MediorNet Fiber Backbone

The Christian University Azusa Pacific University recently installed a MediorNet fiber backbone solution from Riedel Communications to provide signal transport and routing of HD video signals on their Campus. California-based system integrator Enders & Associates supplied the equipment that was installed by the Azusa Pacific University.

The Azusa Pacific University is one of the largest Christian universities located just outside Los Angeles. To provide routing and distribution of HD video signals between their two campus chapels for the daily services, the Azusa University furnished a MediorNet mainframe in each of the two buildings. Both mainframes are linked via dual fiber link to provide bi-directional transport. The integrated CWDM multiplexing of MediorNet allows to transport up to 36 HD 1080i signals per direction via one single fiber link. Due to MediorNet’s multi-point network capabilities the installation is already prepared for its future expansion, which will also integrate various other venues and sports arenas into the infrastructure.  MediorNet is a fiber-based real-time network technology for integrated transport and routing of 3G/HD/SD-SDI video, audio, intercom and data signals. In addition, MediorNet provides broadcast quality processing and conversion features such as Embedding/De-Embedding, Timecode Insertion or Frame Synchonization on board.

“MediorNet allows us to set up a flexible, redundant fiber transport system between several of our venues,” said Jeremy Lommori, Senior Production Engineer at the Azusa Pacific University. “The future integration of our existing Riedel Artist Intercom and our RockNet digital audio network installations into MediorNet will provide even more flexibility.”