Adtec, MultiDyne, VISTA Satellite Renew with SVG

The Sports Video Group is pleased to announce that Adtec Digital, MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems, and Vista Satellite have all renewed their sponsorships. Adtec Digital, a premier sponsor, provides mission-critical applications for cable, distribution, contribution, and video professionals around the world. MultiDyne, a premier sponsor, has been providing fiber optic transport support systems to the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, and digital cinema sectors, among others, for more than 30 years. VISTA Satellite, a corporate sponsor, delivers more than 25,000 hours of occasional-use satellite time each year for clients including Fortune 500 companies, broadcasters, cable programmers, educational institutions, government agencies, and news organizations.

In 2007, Adtec Digital embarked on its journey to become the leading compression provider in the contribution market. Global Tier One contribution operators, hundreds of OB vans, and SNG trucks worldwide rely on the thousands of Adtec compression solutions deployed to make their events look, sound and perform at the absolute highest broadcast standards. For more information, visit Adtec online at

MultiDyne provides fiber optic transport systems for video, audio, SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI, AES, ethernet, data, PTZ, RGB/VGA, DVI, HDMI, and CATV; optical multiplexing, CWDM; automatic protection switching; loss detectors with automatic switchover; test signal and character ID generators; video, audio and digital distribution amplifiers; cable equalizers; automatic gain AGCs; electrical and fiber optic routing switchers; tactical cable assemblies; XLR adapter panels as well as other television accessories. Visit MultiDyne online at

With corporate headquarters in South Florida, VISTA Satellite is now co-located with Stirling Studios, offering television production with connectivity via fiber and satellite. VISTA’s Satellite Services Center is available 24 hours per day answering clients’ requests in multiple languages and monitoring feeds via satellite and on-line. For more information, visit VISTA Satellite online at