XpanD Allows User To Personalize Active 3D Glasses

One interesting development in active-glasses technology at CES is the introduction of YouUniversal glasses by XpanD. The company is taking personalization of the 3D experience to a whole new level with the help of software that can be operated on a smartphone and allows the user to customize settings on the glasses to suit the specific viewing environment and personal preferences. The glasses can also work with a wide range of different communication protocols, including IR, RF, and Bluetooth.

“We are all facing the problem that we see 3D differently,” says Ami Dror, director of strategic business development for XpanD. “Some like an aggressive experience, some mild, and then there is the size of the display and the brightness levels. Some like a bright screen, and others do not. And we need to acknowledge those differences.”

The software allows the user to choose the TV model, viewing distance, viewing environment, age, and 3D style, even whether he or she has prescription glasses.

Settings for the viewing environment include dark, midday, evening, and bright. Ambient light can cause the brain to work harder when watching 3D so the glasses have to adjust to make 3D viewing easier on the brain.

Another setting changes the transition time and dark time because some prefer a darker experience that can lessen ghosting issues while others, tolerant of ghosting, prefer a brighter setting.

“We have to make sure the 3D experience is the best it can be, and it must be better than a 2D quality experience,” adds Dror. “We might think that we all see the world the same way, but that is completely wrong.”