Clear-Com Highlight Latest Intercoms, Newly-Acquired HME Products at CABSAT

Clear-Com will bring its latest intercom innovations to this year’s CABSAT 2011 show (Stand S1-21, Sheikh Saeed Hall 1). Clear-Com will showcase its HelixNet Partyline, Eclipse Digital Matrix System Version 5.2 with its new line of V-Series rotary control panels, and the Tempest 2400 digital wireless intercom system. Clear-Com will also showcase the HME DX Series and the HME PRO850 wireless intercom systems, products that are now available from Clear-Com after its acquisition by HM Electronics, Inc (HME).

HelixNet Partyline
HelixNet is a unified communication platform of intercom products designed to provide a high-quality digital audio sound, to simplify setup, and reduce the overall infrastructure cost with standardized twisted-pair cabling, to operate over a facility’s pre-existing cabling, and to receive power and all audio channels being transported over a single cable.

The HelixNet Partyline System, the first set of intercom systems founded on the HelixNet Platform, comprises the HMS-4X (HelixNet Main Station) and the HBP-2X (HelixNet Beltpacks). HMS-4X can support up to 20 beltpacks in partyline communications across four high-capacity channels. HelixNet Main Stations have built-in expansion bays for two-wire or four-wire interface modules to connect with analog partyline, digital matrix or wireless intercom systems and soon, multiple HelixNet Main Stations will be able to network together over LAN/IT. The two-channel HBP-2X HelixNet Beltpacks feature tactile controls for intuitive touch operation and bump-proof volume knobs.

Eclipse Version 5.2 User Interface and V-Series Control Panel
Clear-Com Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) for the Eclipse digital matrix intercom system  features automated setup of intercom communications and a simplified graphical user interface. Clear-Com’s new V-Series Rotary Control Panel has been designed for complete fast audio level mix adjustments throughout a production simply by turning the rotary knob and having separate dedicated buttons and tallies for “talk” and “listen.”  The V-Series rotary will make available enhanced IFB assignment operation, using the rotary expansion panels as X-Y routing buttons with the new IFB talk send level control.

Tempest2400 Version 2.0
Tempest2400 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Systems Version 2.0, available in two- or four-channels, is ideal for indoor, outdoor and touring applications that require a wide range of wireless options on a single wireless platform. Functional even in the most congested Wi-Fi environments, Tempest2400 Version 2.0 can now support a greater capacity of users with three different modes of operations – Normal, Shared and Split. Normal Mode allows for five full-duplex (simultaneous talk and listen) BeltStations per BaseStation.

With Shared Mode, all of the BeltStations can utilize the dual listen/talk feature. Users can individually select which channels they listen and talk to just like in Normal Mode; however, only five BeltStations may have talk enabled at any one time. If a sixth BeltStation tries to talk, the user will receive a busy signal.

In Split Mode, users operate in a combination of the other two modes: Normal and Shared, offering the use of four BeltStations that utilize the standard anytime talk back capability and an unlimited number of BeltStations sharing one talk path at any given time. With Tempest, up to 10 BaseStations can be linked together.

HME PRO850 Digital Wireless Intercom
HME PRO850 is a frequency-agile UHF analog system that operates in the 470-698MHz band. The PRO850 supports up to four full-duplex or 12 push-to-transmit beltpacks per base station and can be expanded by linking three base stations to support up to 48 wireless users. Additional PRO850 features include PC and PDA interface, simultaneous dual-channel interface, user-friendly graphical interface with pull-down menus on the base, beltpack channel lockout, wireless ISO, and low battery alert.

HME DX Series Digital Wireless Intercoms
The HME DX Series family of digital wireless systems offers quality wireless performance in the 2.4GHz band and simplified user operations in compact, ergonomic designs. Demonstrating at CABSAT will include the most basic system in the line, HME DX100, which offers clear, two-way digital communications built into a compact design. It allows up to four full-duplex or 11 push-to-transmit shared users to speak to each other via headsets without any interconnecting cables.

The portable and compact HME DX121 can be plugged directly into the headset jack of any popular intercom system or a four-wire device such as a digital matrix intercom. Up to four beltpacks or wireless headsets can be used to support wireless intercom requirements on a DX121 system.

The HME DX200 is a 1RU rack-mount design that offers greater mobile user capacity — up to 16 full duplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headset users by linking four base stations. The DX200, as do all DX Series systems, features the Spectrum-Friendly Technology to avoid frequency conflicts, digital 64-bit encryption to prevent unauthorized users, and Digital Frequency-Hopping, Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology for interference-free communication.

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