NAB 2011: Shure To Unveil Wireless Mic System, Dual-Channel Personal Monitor

Shure will introduce its Axient wireless microphone system, which it says is the first such system that can automatically detect interference and change frequencies. It does this via the Axient Spectrum Manager, which constantly scans the RF environment and performs frequency-compatibility calculations to assign clear frequencies to each wireless transmitter. The ShowLink remote-control feature enables the user to make real-time remote adjustments, from the receiver or a laptop, of transmitter settings, such as audio gain, while the microphone is live. ShowLink remote control extends throughout the transmitter’s RF range.

Designed to deliver best-in-class audio and RF performance and a true diversity-equipped low-profile bodypack receiver, the new PSM1000 personal monitor system features enhanced integration with the company’s Wireless Workbench software, which will provide engineers and performers with options for increased control and connectivity.