NAB 2011: Snell Aims at Automation, More Flexible Media Handling

Snell is showcasing a variety of new and enhanced products at that enable greater automation and more flexible media handling in live production, playout, infrastructure, media restoration, and transformation environments. Included in that list is a new video and audio processing platform that expands the company’s IQ Modular 3G product line. The compact, integrated processing engine enables flexible signal handling and can serve as an audio processing solution.

Snell will also introduce a new range of fiber optic interfacing modules that combine electrical-to-optical conversion with processing functions such as video synchronizing. These IQ integrated fiber solutions free users from copper infrastructure and enable them to work with both coax and fiber in planning HD expansion and 3Gbps (1080p) signal delivery.

Snell is also introducing Channel-in-a-Box packages, which provide integrated playout solutions for regional broadcasters, station master control environments, and government or educational broadcasters. The Morpheus-powered Enterprise Content Delivery platform is also new, optimized for network and national operators, central casting, and disaster recovery and business continuity uses.