NAB 2011: Anton/Bauer Powers Your MacBook

Anton/Bauer (a brand of The Vitec Group) will introduce the QRC-MBPA Gold Mount power solution for the Apple MacBookat NAB 2011 in Las Vegas (Booth C7032). The QRC-MBPA provides longer-lasting battery options to MacBook users who are on-location or working on remote productions.

When additional power is required and an AC wall adapter or adequate power source is not available, production and broadcast professionals using a MacBook, MacBook Pro, and/or MacBook Air can employ their compatible Anton/Bauer power sources already on-hand with the QRC-MBPA Gold Mount power solution, which easily connects to the computer via Apple’s MagSafe Airline Adapter (sold separately). The QRC-MBPA also eliminates the need for users to purchase or carry additional extended life batteries. Instead, users can simply rely on their stock of Anton/Bauer HyTRON 50, 100 and 140, and DIONIC  90, 160, HC and HCX batteries. Once the power on the Anton/Bauer battery is depleted, the computer seamlessly switches to its own internal battery without the loss of data.

“The QRC-MBPA demonstrates the virtually limitless versatility of our Gold Mount System,” says Shin Minowa, VP of marketing and business development. “The Gold-Mount offers Universal Applications that reach far beyond the camera, used on many types of portable non-camera equipment including monitors, scopes, microwave equipment and hard drives. The Gold Mount provides an interchangeable battery system using a forward compatible approach originally developed by Anton/Bauer that allows for new cell chemistries as they allow.”

The QRC-MBPA provides longer run-times when operating higher-powered, demanding programs such as Final Cut Pro. For example, when using an Anton/Bauer compatible battery via the QRC-MBPA, the Macbook can run Final Cut Pro for approximately one hour and 20 minutes with a HyTRON 50; two hours and 45 minutes with a HyTRON 100;- three hours and 45 minutes with a HyTRON 140; two and half hours with a DIONIC 90; two and a half hours with a DIONIC HC; three hours and 20 minutes with a DIONIC HCX; and five hours with a DIONIC 160.