NAB 2011: Axon Digital Highlights Synapse Modules, 3D Multiviewer

Ten new Synapse modules and a 3D multiviewer will take center stage at Axon Digital Design’s NAB booth (N3024).

“We come to NAB at a tremendously exciting point in Axon’s development with a range of strategically important new products and really strong sales growth especially in Europe,” says Jan Eveleens, CEO at Axon. “We are committed to continuing our growth and expansion: North America is a focus, so NAB promises to be an important event for us.”

Axon will showcase its Cortex monitoring and control system, a software-based solution that was demonstrated at NAB 2010. This year, the product has been enhanced with additional features, a hardware control panel (CCP1601) and client (redundant) server option. Cortex is supplied to Synapse users free of charge.

Amongst the key new Synapse products in Las Vegas will be the GRB100 – a 3Gb/s HD and SD 48×16 channel shuffler – re-embedder. With this new unit, the source audio channels used for embedding into the output SDI can be derived from two individual 3Gb/s HD or SD inputs and from the 32 channels that are available in the quad speed multiplexing audio ADD-ON bus.

This card allows for output embedding 16 channels and the source for this audio can be derived from both SDI input 1 (which normally also carries the video) or from SDI input 2. Input 2 can be connected to a second SDI source that is exclusively used for carrying audio (the two SDI streams need to be clock locked). The unit is also available in an HD/SD version, which can be future upgraded to handle 3Gb/s-signals.

Other key product developments with Axon’s Synapse module family that will be debuted at NAB include several audio shufflers: an 8-channel 2-group embedded audio processing card with presets (HAS05M), an 8-channel 2-group embedded audio processing card with local AES/EBU inputs (HAS05E), and a 16-channel 4-group embedded audio shuffler card with presets (HAS05S).

Other Axon Synapse-based products to be highlighted include:

  • 3Gb/s, HD, SD dual channel multi-viewer and monitoring card with 4 SDI inputs (GMW200)
  • 3Gb/s, HD, SD embedded domain Dolby E to Dolby Digital (plus) transcoder with audio shuffler and audio description processor (GED130)
  • Quad-Speed Dolby E decoder + Multi channel Dolby Digital (plus) encoder (DDP94)
  • Quad-Speed Multi channel Dolby Digital (plus) encoder (DDP24)
  • Quad-Speed Dolby E decoder (DBD18)
  • 8, 4 and 2 channel watermarking encoder based on Civolution encryption technology (DAW88)

The Synapse powered SynView multiview product line has been enhanced with 3D multiviewing. Set-up of the 3D multivewer is done through Cortex. Two multiview inputs are locked to each other and displayed side-by-side. Stereoscopic displays will then output a 3D image. Also tallies, borders, and UMD information will be processed for 3D display.

In addition, Axon will showcase its TRACS video logging and compliance recording system for SD and HD signals. Also, the company will launch hardware control panels for its Cortex monitoring and control software system.

The Netherlands-based AV conversion, processing and compliance recording specialist arrives in Las Vegas for its 15th consecutive NAB having posted its strongest ever annual sales growth. The company’s reported 2010 revenues were up 25% compared to 2009 sales. This year, Axon will also open offices in Russia and Singapore.