Signiant’s Web-Based Media Exchange Delivers Powerful, SSL-Based Security

Signiant today stated its new enhancements to Media Exchange (MX), the company’s Web browser-based application for securely sending and receiving content across wide area networks. MX is now powered by Signiant’s Java-based Content Transfer Engine (CTE), which provides unprecedented security for enterprises such as broadcasters, post production companies, and others who need to safely exchange valuable media assets with their business partners.

MX provides a highly secure platform for users to exchange content with other employees, customers, vendors, systems, and applications regardless of the destination, location, or size of the digital assets. Using a simple Web interface (no client software is required), users interactively initiate content transfers using the IP-based Signiant Acceleration Protocol to maximize network efficiency. For all MX exchanges, Signiant’s CTE uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) version 3 cryptographic protocol — the same security model used for authentication, authorization, and encryption of Internet transactions such as personal banking and Web shopping.

“In this age of highly publicized network security breaches and widespread piracy of intellectual property, media enterprises are understandably concerned about safe delivery of their valuable digital assets. Signiant solutions give them peace of mind while allowing them to reap the benefits of extending digital workflows beyond the enterprise to their business partners.” said Rick Clarkson, vice president, product management for Signiant.

In addition to the CTE security framework, the latest version of Signiant MX includes enhancements that enable media and project files to be moved across multiple network types including WANs, DSL, or cable. New notification features allow users to track workflow benchmarks, confirmations, and alerts for other departments such as accounting and finance. The new version also includes a wider range of custom workflow options through enhanced integration with Signiant’s full system via the Media Gateway application.