LiveU Offers Affordable, High-Quality Transmission in a Backpack

The Sports Video Group is pleased to welcome LiveU as a corporate sponsor. LiveU is a pioneer of broadcast-quality, video-over-cellular backpack solutions that allow live video transmission (HD and SD) from any location around the world. Those solutions include multiple 4G LTE/3G, HSPA+, WiMAX, and WiFi cellular links, which are optimized for maximum throughput via all the connections available simultaneously.

Ingesting video from a camera, switching device, or any video source, the LiveU system transmits it via multiple 3G and 4G connections, as well as via Ethernet and WiFi if needed.

Typically, LiveU uses seven connections from a mix of Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile cellular networks. The backpack device can transmit video to a main hub, such as a studio or broadcast center, or directly to an online video player for live streaming.

“This allows us to transmit video with much higher quality than what you would be able to get using a single cellphone connection or even wifi and some Ethernet connections in many cases” says Ken Zamkow, director of sales and marketing. “At the same time, it is a lot more cost-effective than using satellite or fiber. We provide people with connectivity and the ability to uplink video from anywhere they go at a much lower cost. Users can just show up in the field, turn on our unit, and go live a few minutes later.”

LiveU’s solutions have been used at a number of high-profile sports events, including the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, Iron Man competitions, FIFA World Cup in South Africa, and 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

LiveU provided live Media Day coverage at each of the past two Super Bowls. In addition, it has been deployed by media outlets — including CBS, TMZ, the NFL Network, and TV affiliates — to give TV and online viewers behind-the-scenes coverage of the events and parties leading up to the big game, as well as roaming throughout the stadium during the game.

In addition to shoulder programming and coverage of ancillary events like Super Bowl Media Day, LiveU has been used by several sports organizations as their primary mode of transmission for the competitions or games themselves.

Iron Man triathlon competitions stream events live online exclusively via LiveU. Mounted to operators on motorcycles and in speedboats, the packs cover the action throughout the course — a much more cost-effective solution than the prior strategy.

“They previously needed to have a motorcycle with a short-range transmitter that transmitted to a helicopter hovering above,” says Zamkow. “The helicopter would then transmit back to a truck, and then the truck would edit the feed and publish it. But, with LiveU they don’t need the expensive helicopters anymore. It all goes through the cellphone towers and shows up back in the truck for the live stream.”

As for live game coverage, the New York Red Bulls recently used the LiveU device to produce and transmit games that have not been sold for television, streaming them live on the team’s Website.

“We think there’s going to be a lot more usage [of LiveU] in sports,” says Zamkow. “Any franchise or league can find usage for LiveU — whether it’s to show games that don’t get a lot of exposure in mainstream media or to take people behind the scenes at some of these bigger events. We see SVG as a great way to gain exposure to all those sports organizations and professionals.”

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