Tennis Channel Aces 3D French Open Coverage with Teranex Technology

Tennis Channel is deploying technology from Teranex Systems for its 3D coverage of the French Open at Roland Garros on Memorial Day weekend.

Tennis Channel faced a number of challenges as it focused on becoming the first U.S. television network to produce the French Open in 3D. Chief among these, from a production standpoint, was taking the French Tennis Federation’s European 3D video at 50Hz; adding graphics and English commentary; mixing in 2D archives for both the live program and its 3D promos; and sending everything to American distributors in their preferred 60Hz format – all in real time.

The network relied on Teranex’s VC100 system to cover this checklist and, in doing so, became the first American broadcaster to use Teranex’s 3D technology for an international event.

“Teranex’s VC100 system makes it possible for Tennis Channel to be the first network to offer the French Open in 3D,” says Larry Meyers, Executive Producer and SVP, Production, Tennis Channel. “The 3D applications running on Teranex’s Dual channel VC100 will convert the European 3D signals originating from Paris, and send them to Tennis Channel’s American audience in 3D at 1080i59.94Hz. Their support enables us to bring this tournament to tennis fans in a format that they’ve never been able to experience.”

The 3D applications are available for dual channel VC100s, enabling 3D capabilities while keeping all of the virtues of VC100’s frame synchronizing and conversion of more than 250 formats and frame rates.

“As world coverage of live 3D sporting events grows, so does the need for 3D frame-synchronizing and standards conversion,” says Teranex GM Mike Poirier. “Our 3D applications provide a viable means of converting 3D frame rates and resolutions from around the globe. Teranex was intrinsically involved in the SD to HD transition, and we believe our 3D technology will do the same for 3D events.”

The 3D applications will be on display at the SVG’s 3D & Beyond Summit in New Your city on May 25.