Streambox Transmits World’s First Live HD 3D Video Broadcast of a Surgery

Streambox announced that the Streambox 3D technology has provided transmission for the world’s first broadcast of a live orthopedic operation in full HD 3D. The Streambox 3D solution ensured a secure and reliable transmission between the two sites, from a laboratory in Annency, France, where the knee prosthesis was taking place, to the viewing audience at the Johnson & Johnson sponsored medical conference 2 km away. The procedure was captured in 1080i resolution, as Streambox HD 3D continuously streamed the entire four-hour surgery to the end destination with one-second latency, where the live HD 3D video was projected onto a 12 m x 6 m screen.

“We are excited to be apart of such a monumental event in the medical industry, and that Artcast has chosen to rely on Streambox 3D technology to enhance medical education and the experience of viewing an operation without being physically present in an operating room,” said Bob Hildeman, chairman and CEO of Streambox. “This medical conference is just the type of application for which Streambox HD 3D streaming was designed; where the added dimension allows the viewers to take full advantage of the reality of the situation, and in this case, see the precision and instrumentation of the surgical movement. This opens up the opportunity for a larger amount of viewers to learn from the specialized experts in their field in 3D.”

Artcast Medical video crews used motorized multicameras equipped with Streambox 3D technology. This positioning allowed doctors to focus the video on the meticulous placement of surgical tools during the procedure in order to emphasize certain aspects of the operation to the 150 trainees viewing live with 3D glasses at the orthopedic congress. The 1080i video was sent for a total of four hours via Streambox HD 3D over a private wireless IP network, at the transfer rate of 20 Megabytes per second (20 Mbps), with only a one-second latency.

Participants noted that the live 3D viewing brought a significant improvement to the training.

“After a year of studying available solutions and how they performed in real life conditions during numerous simulation tests, results confirmed that Streambox 3D proved to be the most reliable,” said Abdel Zaimeche, Chargé de projet of Artcast Medical. “The capabilities of the technical solution far exceeded the necessary requirements of our project, which suggests exciting possibilities looking forward to the future of live surgery and medical education advancements.”