CAMERON PACE Group Expands Presence in Sports Industry

The Sports Video Group is pleased to welcome CAMERON PACE Group as a platinum sponsor.

Co-founded by Co-Chairmen James Cameron and Vince Pace, CPG is a pioneer in 3D technologies and production services, advancing the future of 3D through the development of products, solutions, and creative tools across all media channels.

“From my perspective, the whole reasoning for putting CPG together… was to really start to strategize the market and create business models that make sense,” says Pace. “We know that the effective 3D model works as an entertainment value, but it’s so important that we rally the business model together.

“I think [SVG does] an excellent job of supporting that networking and that conversation,” he continues, “and I think that’s what CPG needs to tap into if it’s going to be successful [in offering] solutions to the [sports] industry.”

When Cameron and Pace joined forces 12 years ago, their mission was to create a new entertainment experience for feature films. More recently, the mission of their company, which was formed last year, has expanded to include the non-theatrical broadcast world.

“We’ve been fortunate to tap into individuals like [producers] Jeff Zachary [and] Deena Sheldon, [who] really gave us an understanding [of] their experience from an operator [point of view],” says Pace. “The introduction to people like [NBA’s] Steve Hellmuth [and] Mike Rokosa, [CBS Sports’] Ken Aagaard — those relationships were key to us transitioning from a feature model into a broadcast model.”

CPG supports top networks and broadcasters, such as ESPN 3D and CBS Sports, with their 3D sports productions, including US Open tennis, The Masters golf, NBA All-Star Game, and MLB Home Run Derby.

Essential to CPG’s success in the sports industry is the company’s Shadow D technology: an integrated 2D/3D automated camera system in which a 3D camera is paired with a longer 2D camera lens, allowing one camera operator to drive and control both cameras. Often referred to as 5D, the system captures both 2D and 3D images simultaneously.

“We needed to find something that integrated into the 2D effort, and I think CPG’s the leader in that kind of methodology,” says Pace. “It’s not about building rigs anymore. It’s about who has the best methodology approaching this market, and I really think that the company shines. Every engineer who works here, every employee of the company is trying to say, How can we come up with technology solutions that integrate [into] the existing effort?’’

By combining the 2D and 3D deliverables, CPG hopes to push the ubiquity of 3D in all markets, whether feature film, episodic television, or sports broadcast.

“[3D] is not a gimmicky thing that’s going to fade away like it has three times in the last five decades. It’s here to stay, in some form,” says COO O.D. Welch. “And for us, as a business, we believe that the exponential potential for that, as the adoption continues to increase worldwide, is for the non-theatrical viewer.”

While its current slate of special sports events continues to captivate audiences, CPG plans to increasingly focus its efforts on the sports-broadcasting space and broaden the scope of sports events captured in 3D.

“Right now, that’s where a lot of the attention is for this more immersive and value-add consumable 3D product,” says Welch, “[Also], the viewer is a fan, so they’re passionate. Whether it’s cricket or hockey or basketball or traditional football or American football, they want a more immersive experience.”

Looking forward, CPG hopes to produce entire series of sports, delve into the college space, pursue those sports not traditionally captured in 3D, and expand its global presence.

“We believe [that], by continuing to pursue the adoption [of 3D] in the sports world, where there’s already great traction with this exuberant customer base, that’s going to continue to push the market in general,” says Welch. “That’s part of what we’re about: to help push that demand because we believe in it.

“Pushing demand is going to help what were trying to achieve,” he continues, “and partnering with businesses [that] have the mission of advancing the creation, production, and distribution of sports like SVG just makes complete sense.”

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